Man, this room needs a bit of love.

I'm embarrassed to invite people into my home because it doesn’t look cool or reflect me.

I get frustrated every time I walk into this room because it's not feeling or looking how I want it to.

I lie in bed at night browsing Pinterest and wish I could make my home look like that.

Yep. I feel you! Because I've been there. 



most rooms look dull and uninteresting because of problems with...

  • Lighting - too dim / harsh, not enough sources, wrong shades or bulbs
  • Colours - scared of things being too bright or dark so stick to neutrals or a colour palette that's dated or confusing
  • Storage - not enough, things end up cluttered, struggle to find storage for small spaces
  • Styling - too many decorative objects, uneven grouping, things that don't sit well together
  • Not knowing where to start - nothing gets done because it feels like too much of a job, room ends up staying dull and only functional
  • Not knowing where to shop - hundreds wasted on items that aren't right for the space only to get thrown away months later


I’m a young mother and I understand what it’s like to try to make ends meet whilst STILL having a beautiful home that you're proud of.

So I created a simple solution to help you get the most out of your space without having to spend you a fortune...

Let me present, the Room Revamp!

This is a chance for you to get my expert guidance on how to bring your room up to the cool and stylish dream space you've always wanted. You'll get a comprehensive written critique of your space AND my expert guidance on how to bring your room to life.

case study

Emma & Brian Whitwell / Living Room

Emma and Brian have a living room that has had care and attention put into it. Emma has some styling skills and her colour palette thought out, so it was a great start. But I found the room was lacking soul and depth. Emma felt that her room had become an Ikea showroom, without and unique or personal features. 

With a few simple and affordable (or even completely cost free) tips she now has a complete road map to make this room AWESOME!

Want to see a sample? Click here to view Emma's room revamp plan!

Here's what Emma had to say...

"I was absolutely delighted with what Sarah said about my room. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, from photographing the room - which made me take a step back and look at it as a whole, to receiving the critique. I am a little scared of colour sometimes and not always 100% confident in my choices so it was great to hear someone suggest things that I had been thinking about but not followed through on. Sarah managed to capture my style from just a few key words, and the ideas she suggested have helped lots already - I've already moved the rug out from under the couch which was one of her suggestions, and it has made a HUGE difference! The process has helped me have more confidence in my own style and choices, and feel better about tackling other rooms. I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing help with those little things that pull a room together. "

Photo 22-11-2014 16 39 56 (1).jpg

In EVERY personalised room REVAMP package you will receive:

  • An online worksheet to discover your frustrations and understand what you want the room to feel like after its transformation
  • 5 detailed easy to understand critiques on where your room is going wrong
  • 5 simple updates that you can do at minimal or no-cost to improve your room
  • A take away PDF to reference whenever you'd like in the future
  • All received within a timeframe of 72 hours so that you can get to work straight away!

Every tip is drawn from my experience of room decorating and styling. They will compliment the size, shape and style of your home... and last but definitely not least, YOU, of course!

After my loving guidance the end result will be a room that you enjoy entering, every single time. Because let's face it, you deserve to enjoy your surroundings. Fancy all this for less than £100?




It's super simple. 

After ordering I will email you with full instructions on what I will need to get started on your personalised room revamp plan!

  • First, you fill in an easy online worksheet
  • Second, you will take 2-4 clear digital images of your room which you'll then email to me

And that folks, is it. 

But hurry - the cart closes on Monday 9th March!

Because this service is so custom, I can only take on a handful at a time. Each bespoke action plan takes time to complete. I need to make sure that I have kept number small to complete this handful of bookings to the high quality that you deserve.

This is a brand new service and I don’t know when I’ll be opening it up for enrolment again.

Ready to take your room from dull to dazzling? Enrol now to have your personalised room assessment delivered ASAP!

If you have any questions before purchasing then feel free to drop me a line with any questions.

S x