Hiya! I recently got invited by to go and do yoga on the 68th floor of London's famous landmark, The Shard! How cool is that?! I'm a bit of a yoga lover, though in fairness I've been absolutely rubbish at keeping up with it recently but I still like to believe I'm a yoga bunny... anyway - I'd never been so was pretty excited, but got even more so when I heard that we would be having breakfast at the luxurious Shangri-La hotel afterwards! Because what's better than decor porn folks? That's right, LUXURY DECOR PORN.

Luxury decor inspo from the shangri la hotel

It was an early start, and before I knew it we were cracking right into the yoga session hosted by Yogaphere. That's after we took in the view. 

view from the shard
yoga at the shard farfetch
 'Just breathe Sarah. Stop thinking about donuts. and Brioche.... ahh sweet Brioche.'

'Just breathe Sarah. Stop thinking about donuts. and Brioche.... ahh sweet Brioche.'

yoga at the shard with farfetch
 'What's that I see, a rare pokemon?'

'What's that I see, a rare pokemon?'

I have to say it was quite a tough class! Also I kept feeling like I was going to fall out of that window. Loads of fun though and I definitely felt it the next day so must have done me some good. 

Once we had wrapped up there we took a quick peek at the gardens. 

garden at the shard

Pretty and peaceful! Could have quite happily sat here and meditated (as if I like, ever actually do that). But alas, it was time to eat. YAY, FOOD!

We came back down to the ground floor in order to enter the fabulously luxurious Shangri-La hotel.

I would describe the Shangri-La's decor as being quite refined and sophisticated. Nothing is over the top and there's a really sleek feel to it, but with a bit of character added via some interesting door panels, patterned carpets, marble and abstract artwork. I loved the wood clad walls, look at the grain! 

interior design at the shangri-la

It's been a long term dream of mine to have wood clad walls. There's something so midcentury abut it but not in a tacky or kitsch way, just proper cool you know?

interior design shangri la luxury hotel

Of course you know I was going to be obsessed with this geometric cut out door panel. SO DOPE.

Abstract artwork adorned the walls of the hallways next to casual seating. 

The staircase was marble with bras inlay on the seam with an LED strip to under light each step (that sounds like a designer-y phrase but I literally don't know if that even makes sense).

interior design at the Shangri La hotel

The lounge area was tasteful, with a little pop of ochre to brighten it up. The view kind of takes centre stage here but I did enjoy the carpet. 

interior design at the shangri la hotel

Plus I just loved the extravagance of the elevator entrance...

We were taken through to a private room so that we could have breakfast. And arrived to this. Wowee!

breakfast with farfetch

Farfetch also treated us to some goodies, plus a little voucher to spend on site so you can stay tuned to my new Vlog to see what I purchased.

Talking of Vlogs...

I've started one! Yeah I know I've dabbled here and there before but I've recently committed to it being a weekly thing. I'll be sharing behind the scenes of being a blogger, a business owner and a bossy mum and wifey! Please click here to subscribe to my channel so you get those as soon as they come out. 

In my first one I'm sharing how the yoga and breakfast at Shangri-La with Farfetch went, so if you want to see more of the day then you can watch below!

So what can we take away from The Shangri-La in terms of decor ideas?

  1. Well, firstly, wood cladding should not be left in the 70s! It has a really luxury effect and can add so much depth and sophistication to a room. 
  2. Secondly, patterned carpets CAN work! Take a look at a recent trip to Brinton's with the 2 Lovely Gays to see more. It's something that I think will soon be coming right back into trend. 
  3. Thirdly, abstract artwork is always a winner. If done right it's sophisticated and classic. I love the work of Franz Kline and so anything in a similar vein will always be a winner with me!
  4. Fourth, textured wallpaper is a key feature within loads of luxury hotels I've visited. I say loads, I mean like, maybe four. But you know, it's obviously a thang! Look for neutral coloured wallpaper but use texture to give it an added edge. I always think design looks most sophisticated when you have to look close to find the detail. Why? Because it's not about being showy for showy's sake. 

Have you ever visited a luxury hotel? Leave your recommendation below and I'll try and check them out! 

S x

*I was invited by Farfetch to this rather fabulous event and all of the fabulous views are my own!*