This week I was invited down to the Etsy Everyday Emporium, a place where uniqueness and differences are celebrated and even better - everything on display was up for grabs, for free. Whaaat!

Etsy have started the #differencemakesus campaign to focus on individual personality and the fun of us not all having the same stuff.

Cos who wants that?! 

At the Etsy emporium, fans of individuality could head down to Gallery Different in London's Soho to see a collection of 100 different designs of items such as pet beds, clocks, mugs and cushions. 

All that you had to do in order to 'buy' your favourite design was snap a picture and share it on instagram with the hashtag #differencemakesus. How cool is that?!

The gallery was packed every day with people hoping to get their hands on their favourite piece. Luckily I got to take a snoop around before the doors opened :)

Here are a few of my favourite mugs that were on display.

Love this one from Kina Ceramics! Get it here. 

This Bring It mug is perfect for Monday morning!

These terracotta mugs were so tactile. 

Not only are Etsy paving the way for more personality based design choices but they're also championing independent sellers too, something that we should all be doing more of!

So come on then... which was your favourite mug?!

Why don't you share your unique homewares on social media with the tag #differencemakesus so I can have a look :)

S x

*This post is in collab with the awesome Etsy!*