my 3 ultimate blogging tips

Thinking of getting into blogging? Here's one for you! This week is a bit crazy for me as I'm working on a really full on interiors shoot - loads of product, loads of shots and lots of people. Therefore my posts this week will be a little bit shorter and sweeter while I use my evenings to unwind from the day's chaos instead of working as I usually do. On the plus this gives me a great opportunity to answer the questions that you guys have been asking me regularly in a short and easy to digest format. Today I'm starting with my ultimate 3 tips for starting a blog! 

My blog has been running now for around 18 months and in that time I've lost a full time job, won 2 awards, been featured in the most popular paper in London AND managed to build a career as a freelance interior stylist and designer. All off the back of blogging. So when people ask me if you can start a career and build a lifestyle you love around blogging my answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! 

If you're thinking about starting a blog and want to know what's really involved and what my most important things to know about blogging are then read on...

1. Find your niche

Be as niche as possible. Don't try and appeal to every single person that likes interiors / beauty / fashion. You'll end up lost in a sea of average blogs that don't stand out from the crowd at all. Find your tiny niche and really go for it - become an expert in that and then expand later. Only want to focus on interior design for men? Perfect! Fashion for under £20? Great. Beauty for cats? Hell fucking yeah. I bet you could make a killing in that niche. My niche is my taste - bold, statement and graphic. 

Tip - combine your expertise and your passion for a unique take. Accountant with a passion for baking? Create a blog all about baking on a small budget or working out pricing for baking in large quantities. You get the picture!

2. Be consistent

For your first year of blogging you need to be super consistent. I'm talking like clockwork. For the first year of blogging I blogged religiously three times a week and it would have to be something reeeeeeeally important to get me to sway from that schedule. Now I'm a little bit more relaxed but that's only because I'm more established and can afford to. Work out REALISTICALLY how often you can write a blog post. Even if it's only once a month just make sure you do it religiously and that it's really fucking juicy. Don't start a blog if you can't keep up with it. It subconsciously sends the signal to your readers that you have more important shit going on, which is never good. Your readers are EVERYTHANG! (P.S I LOVE YOU!)

Tip - Set a posting schedule in your diary on your phone and set alarms to remind you to write.

3. Just get started will you?

If I hear another 'oh yeah I'm thinking about starting a blog but I'm just waiting for my new laptop / camera / website designer' I might actually cry. It doesn't need to be perfect, just GET IT UP AND STOP WITH THE DAMN PROCRASTINATING. If I showed you what my blog looked like when I first got it live you'd crack up. I update it almost weekly and it's a slow evolution rather than a launch of the perfect article. Stop comparing yourself to other bloggers out there who have been refining their craft for way longer. Just write some bloody good content which directly appeals to your niche market and be consistent and you're on the road to greatness my friend!

Tip - There's no tip for this. Just stop chatting fraff and get on with it - life's too short!

So those are my three main tips and I 100% swear by them. I'm thinking about doing more posts or videos like this so if you would like to see that then comment below and tell me if you have any burning questions about blogging that you'd like to get my opinion / advice on! I'm by no means a pro yet and there's still so much I'm learning but maybe I can help :)

S x