Ok, you might want to get a cup of tea cos this post is pretty epic! A couple of weeks ago the lovely folks at Amara took me and a few other bloggers to Copenhagen to explore the city and some cool Danish designers that they stock on their website for gifts and homewares. Not only did I fall in love with this city all over again to the point that we are thinking of moving (real talk and more on that later) but I got to indulge in great company, incredible Danish food and most importantly PRODUCT PORN!


On the first day we got checked into our wicked hotel, the SP34 in the Latin quarter of CPH. 

boutique hotels sp34 copenhagen

The library room was typical in Danish style, a lot of wood and relaxed tan leather. 

boutique hotels sp34 copenhagen
boutique hotels sp34 copenhagen

The lounge area was my favourite with high contrast gallery walls and soft seating in muted pastels. I even kinda matched the decor with my new lilac roots. 

The hallway area had some interesting wall decals and simple, modern brass lighting.

They even had a little bar / grill in house called 'cocks and cows'... no comment on the name! We had a little bite to eat here as we arrived at the hotel, then headed up to our rooms to get ready for a walking tour and boat ride around the city. 

The rooms themselves continued the tan leather and wood theme with touches of brass. Really nice!

boutique hotels sp34 copenhagen

Ready for the tour and dinner at the uber trendy Pate Pate! Isn't it funny that when you're outside of your own city you wear clothes you'd never normally wear?! Love this dress though, it has sparkly sequinned eyes. I won it in an instagram competition from Illustrated People. Score. 

Walking the city and seeing lots of bikes and gorgeous buildings.

I should mention that bikes are a big thing here. Like, REALLY BIG. They have more respect than people with cars. 

Also, because we were on a bloggers trip it was totally acceptable to stop every 5 cms or wherever there was a good wall and take picture of each other looking cool and effortless and blogger-y.

sarah akwisombe design blog

(Kicks from Nike at ASOS / Jacket from Blitz Remix / Dress from Illustrated People / Bag from 2LG x Secret Linen Store)

Erica from The Edited (who is now my pose coach / guru) told me to try looking away from the camera and not smiling because it's cheesy! Haha! Shit man I've been doing it wrong all this time. In fact, the results of this were quite good. Might take up this fashion blogging posing lark..

sarah akwisombe blogger

Anyway, onto the boat ride...

Time to pose like I've never seen champagne before...

Note the people kayaking behind me on the river? Yeah that's like, a normal thing to do. 'Just going out kayaking to pick up the groceries honey'. Imagine doing that in the Thames? Fuck. Starting to understand why I want to move to CPH?

Lots of lovely architecture along the river bank (more of this in my Vlog).

We reached our destination and took a short stroll to Pate Pate, where we first sat outside (with more champagne). Starting to become a normal thing. Quite tipsy by this point.

From L-R - Russell and Jordan from 2 Lovely Gays, Lizzie from Amara, Erica from The Edited, Sam from Amara and Martyn of Martyn White designs.

Then we went inside to our table, took in the decor and got ordering.

Everything at Pate Pate is delicious. Best meal I've had in ages. If you go to Copenhagen GO THERE. 

No lie, no lie, no liiiyiiyyi (as Drake said).

This burrata was so buff. 

Great end to the first day with more cocktails back at the hotel before heading to bed. 


Organic breakfast at the hotel. Travelled through a greenhouse to get to the breakfast area!

smallP5190016 copy.jpg

Day 2 was all about going to meet the Danish brands.

First stop, Normann Copenhagen. Pure Scandi stationary porn.

I loved the memphis inspired prints and huge range of stationary. I picked myself up a spotted envelope clutch, need to feature that in an upcoming monthly favourites video

Errm so now I want a brass topped desk. 

Alongside their stationary selection, they also have a wide range of furniture and a bit of fashion too. Which I of course indulged in...

Fly shades bruv.

Acne Kicks

We were then lucky enough to meet Hans Hornemann, the young designer of the new ACE chair which is sure to be a new design favourite. It comes flat packed and in a range of colours and fabrics. My fave was the burgundy velvet as seen in the pic below. 

After that it was time to take more shameless blogger pics. Amazing how quickly being so self absorbed can feel, well... completely normal.

This is the pattern of the plastic clutch I got. 

Blogger pile up! What happens when you're all trying to get the same shot in the same setting?!

Kicks as before, Ripped high waist skinny jeans from New Look, Cropped 'alien' tee from adolescent clothing, khaki shirt is old maternity short from Topshop, similar here, watch from Uncle Jack

They then laid us on an incredible lunch of Smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches) which were delish!

After that we made a flying stop at the Danish Design Museum (you can see more of this on my video) and took a few moments to soak in the sun in their pretty courtyard garden. And pose. Duh!

Sidenote: I especially like how the wind has caught my shirt here and made it look like I actually have an ass. 

Onto By Lassen, who welcomed us with cupcakes and strawberries. Oh and more champagne! I know what you're thinking, it's hard life being a blogger isn't it?

By Lassen are particularly known for their big cuddle bear like armchairs (the tired man) and their cubic style candleholders and tables. 

By Lassen felt to me like the brand most interested in connecting with their history of traditional Danish design. 

One of By Lassen's designers talked about how they recovered this one original Saxe chair and have tirelessly recreated it in modern form (the original designer, Lassen, is sadly no longer alive). They got this one at auction and have been trying to replicate it as perfectly as possible. 

After gobbling up the rest of the cupcakes it was a short stroll to the centre of town to visit HAY.

Their showroom was an epic space of discovery, showcasing their various products, some only available in that specific store. 

Shop the wine glasses herehand ornaments here and cushion here

I fell in love with their antique British staircase...

and this gorge pink armchair...

Some of the coolest outdoor furniture I've seen (kind of modern Edwardian style to me, especially with those palms don't you think?)

Squad goals.

However, by far the most exciting bit for me about HAY was the mini market! It was a treasure hunters dream packed full of kitsch toys, stationary, bits and bobs and random miscellanea that I couldn't really explain but GOD DAMMIT I WANTED IT ALL.

After stocking up on various knick-knacks, it was time to say goodbye to HAY and head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at Baest. 


On the last day we just mooched around town for a bit taking pics and hanging out before heading home. 

Here's me and Russ being as cool as we possibly can.

And here's me doing the whole look away no smile thang...

Shit, couldn't keep it up!

My trip to Copenhagen was so great. I'm super appreciative of Amara for taking us out there and treating us like VIP's the whole time, plus all the brands who took time out to show us around their showrooms and products. Oh did I mention I even got some goodies to take home with me?! Here's what I got!

Take a peek over on the Amara site at Normann Copenhagen, By Lassen and HAY to see what goodies you can find. Perfect for xmas gifts! Wow am I talking about that already?!

Here's the vlog of our trip if you missed it earlier this month...

In the meantime, stay tuned for a monthly favourites including my Normann Copenhagen clutch aaaaaaand more importantly the beginnings of my quest to move to Copenhagen for a few months next year.

There will be lots to do to make that happen but I am putting it out to the universe! I'm lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere and Marley isn't in school yet. So it's like, why not? Right?! We've already started looking into apartments... Watch this space. 

S x