how to do polka dot wall

Hey homies! Today I'm bringing you another one of my #swifthomehacks in the series of videos that I created in collaboration with Swiftcover. This one is all about creating a cool graphic paint effect, a bit like what I did in my daughter Marley's room recently (as seen below). It's perfect for a kids room as they love things to be a bit wacky, but it's equally just as good for any grown-ups room too :)

It seems a lot harder than it is, so this is perfect for showing off on instagram or to your friends. I can't deny that I've done a bit of 'oh yeah, it was pretty hard, I had to really pay attention' when in actual fact this was soooo easy! SHHH DON'T TELL ANYONE THEY ALL THINK I'M SUPER TALENTED.

cool kids room ideas

There are three easy ways of creating a graphic paint effect, and i take you through them all in the video below. 

I got my polka dot stencil from this seller on Etsy (they have loads of other shapes too) and I used and here are the sponges - you can't go wrong for £2! I quite like the worn out effect that the sponges give if you don't overload them too much with paint. 


Make sure if you use the stencil that you use masking tape to tape it quite tight to your wall or you may get a bit of movement. I used the sponge brushes to dab the paint through the stencil as I found that way it didn't overload - brush hairs can sometimes sneak underneath the stencil and give you some jagged edges which you don't really want. 

If you're going to go crazy and freestyle like I did in Marley's room, then I suggest you start in the centre of where you want the most important part to be, or in designer words 'the focal point'. Keep doing a section and then standing back to make sure you've got the spacing right, but you'll start to see that after you've done a few you start to find a rhythm.

I hope this has inspired you to get a bit arty! Do you think this is something you'd try at home?

S x