copenhagen glyptoteket

Hey peeps! Sorry for a few days of no blogs, we just got back from a week away in Copenhagen. You may remember that I visited CPH on a press trip with Amara earlier in the year, and because I loved it so much wed decided to take a trip as a family. I thought you might be interested in things to see in Copenhagen, and one of our most enjoyed days out of our holiday was this trip to Glyptoteket, an art museum built around the collection of Carl Jacobsen.

The museum centres around a beautiful rainforest style central indoor garden. 

copenhagen glyptoteket

The museum is a decor delight, with not only amazing sculptures and artefacts but brilliant design throughout. Each hall has ceiling mouldings that fit into the theme of the room, as well as incredible detail throughout when it came to the plasterwork. 

The first area we checked out was the sculptures. One area had amazing Cobalt Blue walls... one of my all time favourite colours!

Everywhere you look  you found beautiful details... 

and beautiful people...

I'm a bit obsessed with the whole Egyptian thang, so was pleased to find out they had a cool selection of artefacts and mummies.

As you know I'm a huge Art Deco fan and the Egyptians massively influenced this era (as they were making discoveries of mummies etc at this time). You can see in the carvings below where the Art Deco movement pulled influences from, especially in sculpture and stone work. 

I loved the simplicity of this museum and the striking colours. The sculptural elements work so well against those backgrounds. Loads of inspo to take away...

Maybe you will arrange a visit if you go to Copenhagen! More from our trip will be coming soon. 

S x