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Back in January I was invited along to visit Porcelanosa’s HQ in beautiful Valencia. After getting to explore the city a little, I realised that Valencia was the perfect family getaway. Warm, easy to travel around, culture, great history and architecture PLUS a shed load of museums, galleries and days out that would keep my 3 yr old daughter Marley well entertained without boring us to tears. We booked a cute little AirBnB and headed out at the end of May for what has been our first full family holiday since Stockholm a couple of years back.

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Right peeps, get ready for some proper luxury here! In this post I'm sharing all of my photos from Day 2 of our trip to Valencia with Porcelanosa to see their showrooms and new product lines for 2016. On day one we got taken to an amazing restaurant and then on a tour of Valencia's history and architecture. That could in itself have been enough but on day 2 it was down to business as we got to explore the Porcelanosa factories and showrooms. Yes, I said showrooms - this company is HUGE! I am talking like, every showroom being the size of IKEA. We went to at least 5 of them, I lost count.

Read on to see just a fraction of what was going on at Porcelanosa's design festival. A Michelin starred chef cooking for us and some of the most exquisite bathrooms and kitchen I've ever seen are just some of what's going on in this post. Grab yourself a cuppa, cos it's a whopper!

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I was so, so lucky and grateful to be invited along by Porcelanosa to go and view their new range of surfaces, tiles, kitchens and bathrooms and to see their factory. Not only was I well up for this idea in general, but then I was informed that this would be taking place at their headquarters in the gorgeous surroundings of Valencia, Spain. SAYYY WHAAAT! This was my first press trip away so I was well excited to see the ins and outs of this luxury brand but also get to hang out with some fellow bloggers and design journos who were just as excited about how ceramic wall tiles were made as me (that sounds like sarcasm, it's not). I'm a huge fan of that show 'how it's made' so a trip to a factory was a little bit heavenly for me.

Anyway, all that stuff will be revealed in Day 2 of this photo diary. but for now, let me walk you through the amazing hospitality that we were shown from Porcelanosa. From slick hotel rooms to mouthwatering food, incredible architecture and sun... yes SUN, real sun! 

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