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Our kitchen is such a state. It actually pains me when I go in there. It pains me even more to cook in there. As you can see in this earlier blog post, we did do a little bit of updating when we moved in, but more of a 'let's just make it liveable enough that I don't have a breakdown every time I enter the room' rather than 'WOW HERE'S OUR SHINY NEW KITCHEN'. It was so bad that we didn't even have a blind up in there. All my little 5.30am half-asleep half-naked wonders to go and get Marley milk were clearly being experienced by the people in the flats opposite too. Oops! So when Apollo Blinds got in touch recently and asked if I fancied designing my own blind to be printed using their high spec digital technology, I think the answer was a resounding yes. 

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Been feeling like your bathroom or kitchen could do with an update but don't have much dollar to spend? Read on my friend. A week or so ago I was over in Kensington having dinner at Balans Soho Society and I noticed in the bathrooms they had used a coloured grout. At that moment I realised I've been seeing this around a little bit at the moment, not enough to really call it a trend as such (and we all know this isn't the place to find out about trends anyway) but enough to peak my interest! I think coloured and metallic grouting is such a cool way to update your bathrooms or kitchens and even if you have a quite neutral or traditional design you can spice it up a bit with this trick.

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