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Word up! Things have gone from 0-60 around here lately. What with No Bull Blog School, the blog, styling work and various other things a gwan I needed to find somewhere outside of my flat to really crack on and get productive. I've always loved the idea of shared workspaces but couldn't really understand why people who work for themselves would pay to go and work somewhere else when you could just roll out of bed and pick up your laptop.

So I decided to try it. AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

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I can’t lie, 2 years after leaving the office to work for myself I still smile when I get up each day. That slow saunter to the next room with my laptop (aka the commute) is something I will never grow tired of. Don’t get me wrong though, the constant distraction of being able to make snacks, watch Keeping up with the Kardashians on demand, or I dunno, take naps, can be somewhat unproductive!

Here are ten ways that I make sure I bang it out for the day and keep growing the empire!

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Why are us British so afraid of calling ourselves entrepreneurs?

During the week I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak on the Young Tech Talent panel at Guardian News event, activate 2013. A yearly summit of the best of the tech industry, and this year included speakers such as Vint Cerf (co-founder of Google), Danae Ringelmann (founder of indiegogo) and loads more. 

The night before, some of the speakers had been asked along to a networking event, where I met Director of Government Innovation and open data, Paul Maltby (who works in the cabinet office, aka next to No.10, cue me asking if his life was like In the thick of it). We chatted for a while with me not really ‘getting’ what he did, I have to admit I’d never heard of the term open data but I have a better understanding now. When I explained what I did, Paul said, ‘Oh! So how does it feel to be an entrepreneur?’

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