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Back in January I was invited along to visit Porcelanosa’s HQ in beautiful Valencia. After getting to explore the city a little, I realised that Valencia was the perfect family getaway. Warm, easy to travel around, culture, great history and architecture PLUS a shed load of museums, galleries and days out that would keep my 3 yr old daughter Marley well entertained without boring us to tears. We booked a cute little AirBnB and headed out at the end of May for what has been our first full family holiday since Stockholm a couple of years back.

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There's no short answer to how I became a successful blogger. I had to resist using air quotations above 'successful' just then because it still feels a bit weird to say that (and surely other people should say it for you?!) but I am trying to own how hard I have worked and how far I've come rather than play it down. I seem to glide between an introverted, humble girl and grandiose Kanye style lover of myself. Never a bad thing I suppose. Anyway, I digress. There's one big thing that helped me on the way to being a successful blogger. 

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My 2 year blogging anniversary is rapidly approaching and there is no way that I would have guessed I'd be where I am, doing what I'm doing now when I first started. It was just a way for me to be creative and indulge my passion. But I've seen that it's a pretty amazing way to kick start a new life for yourself (yep, this post might be fromage heavy, but it's true)!

Have you ever sat and thought about starting a blog? 

Do you hear yourself talking about it to your friends and then never actually end up getting started? Maybe you feel like there's a lot to learn or you'd run out of ideas... All things I thought at the beginning too. Which is why I've started hosting free webinars (live online classes to any tech newbies) that share what I've learned about starting a blog, and how to do it RIGHT the first time. 

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How to have the world's most successful blog

I've been searching all over the net for how to have a successful blog. I've been viewing (I daren't call it reading as they rarely have words) the most popular blogs in the world and I have come to the conclusion that in order to have a successful blog I must post lots of pictures of myself. Myself eating. Myself trying on clothes. Myself looking at a menu. Myself tossing my hair. So here's the start of me becoming the world next most successful blogger EVER. 

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