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There's no short answer to how I became a successful blogger. I had to resist using air quotations above 'successful' just then because it still feels a bit weird to say that (and surely other people should say it for you?!) but I am trying to own how hard I have worked and how far I've come rather than play it down. I seem to glide between an introverted, humble girl and grandiose Kanye style lover of myself. Never a bad thing I suppose. Anyway, I digress. There's one big thing that helped me on the way to being a successful blogger. 

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Thinking of getting into blogging? Here's one for you! This week is a bit crazy for me as I'm working on a really full on interiors shoot - loads of product, loads of shots and lots of people. Therefore my posts this week will be a little bit shorter and sweeter while I use my evenings to unwind from the day's chaos instead of working as I usually do. On the plus this gives me a great opportunity to answer the questions that you guys have been asking me regularly in a short and easy to digest format. Today I'm starting with my ultimate 3 tips for starting a blog! 

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