how to create a statement look interior design

Want to get that cool, bold, statement look but not sure where to start or worried you might make a mistake and end up with an interiors faux-pas? You've come to the right place my dear!

I noticed pretty early on in my interiors career that it was actually super simple to create a statement space with a ton of style and confidence by just doing a few key things. In this blog I'm sharing ten ways that you can create that effortlessly cool statement look that everyone loves.

Pens at the ready!


contemporary interiors

The best, best way to create a statement look is by adding a few patterns and prints. Why? Because the bolder they are the more they say 'I don't give a shit about what you think, this is me', and that my friends, is pretty flippin' cool. Patterns and prints say that you're willing to take a risk and that you never play it safe. Kind of my motto when it come to interior design! Feel free to layer up loads of the same (a la House of Hackney) or throw different ones together. Need advice on how to do that? Watch this nifty little video I put together a while back. Guess what... I'M WEARING A PATTERNED TOP!


soft textures living room

Texture is a really easy way to make a statement and is especially good for anyone who's building their confidence with interiors, as you can stick to a simple colour palette and just ramp up the texture. Go for chunky knits, soft things, glossy things, cold hard things and matte things. If you have a contrast of something warm and soft against something cold and hard then you'll get a really nice effect. 


brass interior design metallics

Metallics are oh-so-in-right now but that's not why you should be into them. Metallics are just such a great way to capture the eye and add a little bit of luxury to your room. A few pieces in the same metal or even contrasting can be a great way to finish a look and add a little zhush (to use the proper terminology) to your space. Metallics create edge and basically make your space look cooler, alright?


gallery wall

Firstly, artwork is a MUST in any statement home. And what's better than one piece of artwork? Lots of pieces of artwork next to each other! Galleries will always be cool. If you emulate that in your home then you bring a little bit of that classic cool to your pad. It's also the perfect way to show off your unique taste and make some serious statement with your artwork choices. Black and white photograph of a naked man holding a gun? I'd say that's pretty statement. 


vintage interior design

Taking the bold step to hunt down the perfect piece of vintage furniture or accessory says a lot about you and your home. It's fine to buy modern but mix it up with some vintage and retro pieces or you run the risk of looking like you can't decide things for yourself and have to follow the lead of modern retailers. Ew! Plus, vintage is so much cooler and has a lot of character. Perfect for making a statement. 

Want to kick-ass at vintage buying? Watch my video on how to use eBay to find sexy vintage bargains below.


pink sofa

There's nothing statement about varying shades of neutrals or keeping it simple with light bright airy colours. All well and good and can look awesome in some places (I am actually becoming more and more of a neutrals fan) but it's not making a statement. Unless that statement is that you like to be calm and play it safe. If you're reading this I'm guessing that's not you! Go for bold, bright, vivid or dark colours that scream drama. Or should that be DRAMAAAAAA! This is to be applied for both walls and furniture too. Bright Yellow bed? YES PLEASE (currently on my waiting list).


geometric wallpaper

Wallpaper is in my opinion the quickest way to go statement. There are so many variations on the market (check out wallpaper direct for some of my faves) and even having one wall a bit crazzzaaaay and the rest of your room pretty simple can still have some seriously impactful results. As soon as you get bored you can just pull it down and do it again. It's not like this wall took me 6 hours or anything.... 

If you like my wallpaper as featured in this pic you can get it here!


statement lighting

It doesn't just need to be a piece of bold lighting, you could also have a really statement lighting scheme. Think about having as many sources of light in a room as possible and coming from unexpected places - behind the TV, under the bed, uplighting the ceiling... I've often said that if you can only afford to buy one thing to update a room then go for a statement floor lamp. Not only do you get the excitement of a new piece but you also get the lighting effect. Two birds, one stone. Or was it two girls one cup?


painted coloured radiator

Take the most boring objects and make them exciting. Paint your radiator neon. Paint your ceiling the same colour as your walls. Place little hidden secret outrageous objects amongst random stuff on your bookshelves. Update old victorian photos with bright ink. Carry on stripes from walls across your floor. You get the picture. Do weird shit. 

If you need some Eclectic Interior Design inspo, then come and take a look at my Pinterest Board.


antique modern interiors

There is nothing that excites me more than a juxtaposition done right. Think super modern finishes in a period home, or a completely neutral room accented with pops of neon pink. It's the stuff that dreams are made of! It's hard to get right but boy does it look good when it is. Look for slick modern lines to pair against the frilly nature of more antique pieces. Try neon brights in a room of neutrals. Put marble or concrete table tops on a sheepskin rug. Mmmm, that's the sweet smell of contrasting. 

These are my fave ways to turn your home into that cool, statement place you've always wanted. Where's the fun in playing it safe?! 

Do you have any tips on how to create a statement look? share them in the comments below!

S x