snuggledown rest rejuvenate

I realised recently when I was changing the sheets on our bed that the labels on our pillows and duvet said St. Michael. ST-FLIPPIN'-MICHAEL!

Ok, wheel up, cos if you're reading this from outside the UK this probably sounds like gobbleydeygook.

St Michael was the trading name that was used by M&S throughout the 70s and 80s and discontinued in 2000. Did you miss that?! At the very least my duvet and pillows were 16 years old! And I know for a fact that I probably pinched them off my mum when we got our first flat, so in reality they were probably even older... GROSS!

Weirdly a few days after realising that quite gross fact, I was contacted by Snuggledown who asked if I'd like to try out some of their new Rest and Rejuvenate bedding range that's stocked at John Lewis. Obviously my answer was a resounding 'hell yes' because for all I know there could have been a family of mice living in the decades old St Michael duvet. Shudder.

Anyway I wasn't really thinking about what having new bedding would be like, other than the fact that it would be NEW and CLEAN! But then when the new duvet and pillows arrived.... woohoy. I don't even know how to explain how amazing this bedding is. It's all fat and squidgy like a cloud. Not even joking. A CLOUD! All we did for the first few days of getting it was squidge up in it and get all cosy at any possible occasion.

It has this amazing ability to keep you at the perfect temperature through the night too so I found myself having much better sleep which was a beautiful bonus. Apparently it does some kind of magic to your body whilst you're sleeping - in official words: 'Designed especially for those with an active lifestyle, the Rest and Rejuvenate duvet optimises regeneration after physical activity with its unique Advansa hollofil active fibre filling.'

In my words, it's super squidgy and plump and cloudlike. It's amazing. 

So amazing that when I tried to shoot some cool pictures of it on the bed looking all Marley decided to crash the party.


And then Jason...

And then I just got carried away with pictures of them being all cute together. 

This is the bedding for cosy family moments. Try it. 

(I'm currently writing this from bed, ahhh)

So this begs the question... Do you know how old your bedding is?! I dare you to go and check!

S x

*I was gifted my Snuggledown Rest and Rejuvenate bedding set to see if I'd like to review it. Of course I wouldn't be reviewing it unless I thought it was doper than dope, so here we are...*