Are you one of those people (like me) who drives past nice big houses and tries to peer through the windows to take a look at how they've decorated? It's borderline weirdo-town I know, but there's something about how people live, especially people with moolah, that is weirdly fascinating. 

Every year AO.com and LivingEtc team up to run House Tours, essentially, where interiors obsessed folks like us get to snoop around nice houses and not get the police called on us. I went along for the first time this year - the tour started in Chelsea (ooooh darling) so I knew we'd be on to some gooduns. 

A lot of the houses are also used as location houses, so some I had seen before but there was also lots of newness. 

House 1

We couldn't shoot inside the house here, but we could the garden. And what a garden it was! Think mediterranean villa and courtyard, except in the depths of South West London. So tranquil and beautiful.


This house wall all build and designed to make the incredible garden the focus. The house almost wrapped around it and you could see it was all about getting outside. It made me realise that in Brtitain we don't really do that - I mean obviously the weather has a big part in that but it was a different way to look at architecture and designing houses for sure. 

House 2

House 2 was seriously eclectic! Lots of colour and personality throughout. The owner is a colour consultant so there you go... 


House 2 was all about colour and clashing prints and patterns. Of all of the interior queries / concerns I get from friends and readers the most asked is about 'not getting it wrong'. If anything this house proves that anything goes as long as you just go for it. The biggest mistake in 'not getting it wrong' is holding back to much and not just fully immersing yourself in the world of wacky. 

House 3

This one was very different to the previous two, much more modern and Scandi influenced. It also had a large glass conservatory towards the back - not sure why I didn't grab any pics of that bit?!


House 3 showed how much a different having great natural light can make. The house itself was painted in much lighter colours and as you can see the accessorising was pretty minimal, but the natural light really made this one. I'll definitely be thinking about this when we move on into our next house. 

So I know which is my favourite... what's yours?

S x