Recently I partnered with Samsung to show you guys their new QLED TV. It’s not only a great TV (I’ve been making time for movies every evening now – beat that workaholic Sarah!) but it also fits seamlessly into our home design wise.  

There’s a bit of a trend in home technology and design fusing together and I don’t think it’ll be stopping any time soon, so now is a great time to invest and take your pad into the future. Here are some of the Akwisombe family fave home tech that is worth you considering.  

Lighting systems 


We have a whole lighting system at home that can be controlled from your smartphone, which is surprisingly useful. Not only can you turn the lighting system on and off but you can also change the colours to suit the mood or match the movie you’re currently watching, for instance. You can assign different lights to different rooms that can then be controlled individually, or even by voice if you have a voice-activated home assistant. We have ours set to flash when it’s going to rain. Which in London is like, every minute of every day at the moment. Maybe I’ll have to disable that feature…  

Home assistants  

On that note, various brands have launched voice activated home assistants. They look like little speakers that you can talk to and ask to complete actions or answer questions. Any good home assistant technology will also connect with your various other home tech, such as lighting and heating systems, to help you make your home fully interactive. OK, it might seem a bit lazy, but when you can’t bear to get out of bed on a British winter morning, being able to say ‘hey, turn on the heating’ isn’t something worth turning your nose up at.   

Immersive soundbars 

samsung sound bar_SA_HiRes_001.jpg

Remember when you had to get a whole bunch of different speakers to have that immersive surround sound experience? No more my friends. Soundbars are sleek and aesthetically pleasing but have all the impact of a surrounding speaker system. We just bought this Samsung one which has a wireless subwoofer for extra impact and it’s made our TV viewing experience even better as we feel like we’re right in there with the action.  

TVs worth showing off  


We were gifted the new Samsung QLED as part of an ongoing collaboration and all I can say is WOW! Not only are the colours and sharpness on screen like nothing I’ve ever experienced, they have also taken various measures to make sure that design savvy customers get something that suits their room scheme. The QLED has practically no bezel, a variety of stylish stand options and a near invisible cable that means your mess of wires can be hidden out of sight.  

Hands free heating 


As mentioned previously there is a variety of new home technology that allows you to control the heat in your home using your smartphone. So if you’ve been away and want to arrive home to a warm house, it’s at the tap of a button. You could even set it up to do it automatically if you get close to home.  The same goes for when you forget to turn the heating off at night and wake up in the middle of the night sweating (me, like every day). Not having to wobble around in the dark looking for the thermostat sounds like something that isn’t that important, but trust me, once you have it, you don’t look back.  

Voice Recognition 


Another thing I love about the Samsung QLED tv is that is comes with a rather sexy sleek remote control called the One Remote. Aside from it being uber useful (you can use it to control a variety of third party connections such as your blu ray player, games console or cable box) it also has voice activation. So I can speak into it and ask for what I want to watch and it will search for it on the TV system and show me what I’ve asked for. Again, sounds like something that you wouldn’t necessarily use much but me and my daughter use it ALL. THE. TIME.  

As I mentioned earlier we were gifted a Samsung QLED and worked in collaboration with them to produce some content showcasing it to you guys. I thought this little video of 5 things I love about it might be interesting to anyone thinking about getting a sleek new TV anytime soon…  

I hope this has given you some ideas about getting your first start into design-led home tech. It’s something that Jason and I (and now Marley) have really enjoyed using and we’re constantly on the lookout for new products and apps that mean we can have a connected home that looks how we want it to. For busy households, trust me when I say it’s a game changer!  

S x 

This blog is in collaboration with Samsung. All thoughts are my own (obvs!) and I only ever promote brands that I’m excited to work with.