I am thrilled to announce that I am releasing a Brand New Video Series that will bring you into my home and give you a glimpse into my design process that will help you to revamp rooms from tired or dull spaces into somewhere that's absolutely magazine worthy!


Want to know more?

Many people think that you're either good at design and are born with an eye for it or you're not. 

That's not true!

Others assume that if they spend all of their hard earned cash on the latest fad accessories that their home will automatically look cool. 

But it doesn't always work that way.

Interior design is an art. But it can be learned (very easily actually, but shhh don't tell anyone that!)

Join me for the Room Revamp 3 part video series and I'll take you into my home and share with you all of the design secrets and foundations that I've picked up from some of the best stylists in the business and how you can apply them to your home in order to transform it into your dream space, RIGHT NOW!

In the first video of My Free Room Revamp Video Series, I'll introduce you to my secret weapon: an easy way to identify rooms in your house which are badly designed and giving off a bad energy. 

We'll start by introducing you to my 3 step visualisation process which will help you quickly identify where your room is now, so that you know what you need to do next.

Click here to watch now.

Get ready for amazing design direction and an easy to implement plan to transform your room.

This is going to be a lot of fun!

I'm so excited to have you as a part of this exciting adventure :)

S x