Confession. I know I'm an interiors blogger but I've never actually put up a shelf. I've watched many times over as my hubby Jason does various bits of drilling into walls and levelling up shelves only to watch said shelves drop out of the wall because the plaster wasn't strong enough to hold it. I once recall being well excited that we had managed to put up our new circular shower curtain rail so that I could finally shower without spraying the entire bathroom with water only to have it slowly collapse on me, mid shower, mid shampoo. Almost more frustrating than when the boiler light decides to go out mid shower. Almost. Anyway...

I was recently invited by British Gypsum along to a little shelf styling day with fellow bloggers Lori from Wild & Grizzly and Jen from Love Chic Living.

sarah akwisombe blogger
fixing to plasterboard

Well, that's what we thought we were going along for, turns out we were actually being tasked with having to put up shelves by ourselves straight into the new plasterboard that British Gypsum offer called Gyproc Habito.. WHAT A MOUTHFUL!

Pretty nifty stuff though, it basically goes up like normal plasterboard but it holds way more weight than a standard board would, so you can directly screw into it and hang shelves of up to 15kg. Clever. If only I had known about this before shower-rail collapse gate!

plasterboard fixings

After realising how easy it was to put up the shelves (literally stood and screwed it in with a manual screwdriver, I feel so superwoman-y) I was tasked with dressing the shelf in the ever-so-trendy botanical theme. 

Here's a pic of me pretending I know what I'm doing.. 

We did all of this whilst being filmed and photographed. Not off putting at all when you're pretending to know what you're doing with a spirit level. I think at one point someone actually had to come over to point out that I had it the wrong way round.. whatevs!

sarah akwisombe interior stylist

Here's my final look! What do you think?

shelf styling
sarah akwisombe interior stylist

Here's where you can find the pieces I used:

Wallpaper, Graham & Brown, £20 a roll

Shelf Brackets, Find similar on Etsy

Palms Book, Trouva, £12.99

Perfume Book, Trouva, £9.99

Gold frame, Desenio, £6.99

Faux Monstera Leaf, Trouva, £17.50

Glass pyramid box, similar on Etsy

Short Geometric white vase, Mia Fleur, £12.99

Tall white vase, West Elm, £19

Small gold plant pot, (only copper left), Urban Outfitters, £6

Maybe this will inspire you to get a little bit handy and try out something like this for yourself. Also if you're doing any renovations, check in with your builder and ask them about using gyproc habito! It's such a great product and could save you loads of agro in the future. Or shower-gate. 

S x

*This post is in collaboration with British Gypsum*