Our bedroom is next up on the home improvement list. When we moved in it got a little bit of a makeover ( a lick of paint and new carpet) but essentially it was still full of odd bits of furniture, including two HUGE Ikea wardrobes that didn't really fit into the space correctly. Seeing as we have now lived in our place for about three years we thought it time to splash out and make this master bedroom the luxury place that it was destined to be!



The problems (as if you can't see them already) are as follows.


I mean, just look at it! There is a whole section of the room in the corner not even being utilised! Plus those big brows carcasses.... eww


The carpet is ok, but after a few years of wear and tear plus Jason dropping an iron on it, it could really do with an upgrade!


The layout isn't practical. The bed take up the main area of the room and so we have to edge around the bed to get anywhere. 


It's old, broken and too small! We got it before we had a daughter who likes to get in with us every morning (and some nights too!)



Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 10.16.56.png

So in the new layout the room has a lot more space to breathe. Granted that on one side of the bed there isn't a huge amount of space, but what it lacks there it makes up for in feeling a lot more open and having more floor space in the wardrobe area. 

This should give me enough space for a dressing table and space to fully open the door to the bedroom (the wardrobes were blocking it being fully opened before). The large white rectangle is a rug. 


I can see that my taste is evolving as even a year ago I would have never thought of using a neutral on the walls! I would have thought that in order to show my personality the walls would have to be packed with vivid colour, but I think now I am coming into my own a little bit more with design I can see how I can still bring personality to a space without colour overload. And also I mean look at the carpet! 

The pink carpet is one I have seen from Vorwerk and love the feel of it under foot - it's like velvet and super hard wearing. My sister's boyfriend is a carpet fitter from All Flooring UK and he's always told me it's one of the best so I trust his advice. I need to get some samples because this is just an image pulled off the internet and colours never really run true. 

The Olive green velvet bed is the 'skye' from Adventures in Furniture and is an absolute beauty. It was actually the starting point for this whole scheme because I was obsessed with getting a king size green velvet bed. When I saw this one I knew that it was the winner! How gorgeous is it?

I also loved this black and white rug from Floor Story by Kangan Arora. I think it will give a bit of edge to the room and provide that cool contrast that I love. 

The Mirror and dressing table are a couple that I found online that I liked the style of but I'll finalise these once I get further into the project and the main bits have been done. 

The wall colour is yet to be decided but I know I want a deep biscuity nude. I think it's really calming and also lets the other colours in the room pop. Yes on its own it could look a bit shit but I think paired with these other bolder bits, colour pops and some brass it's gonna be dope. I'm thinking of doing a panelling effect on the walls in a slightly darker colour but to be honest it's going to be a case of getting the first colour up and then seeing how that plays out. Schemes to me are like reference points, I know I'm not going to stick to everything on the page but at least it gives me a guide as I'm going along so that i don't steer off track. Cos there is way too much cool stuff out there in the world trying to grab my attention all of the time!

Stay tuned and I'll give you an update on the room's progression very soon!

S x