Jason and I have been married for nearly 13 years. Life right now goes at 100 miles an hour - I mean I literally cannot believe we are almost halfway through February! 2018 is whizzing by and we haven't had much of a chance to come up for air. Isn't that always the way? It's so easy to forget that you need to do things like actually talk to each other rather than shove each other out of the way for the bathroom mirror, and you know, actually look in each others eyes when having a conversation that isn't interrupted by 'mummy, can you find my playdough?' So when got in touch to see if Jason and I wanted to have a stay at a cool London hotel with an alternative date the next day, we bit their hand off to take up their offer!


We booked into the uber trendy Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. This is a proper party hotel, which we didn't really think about until we got there. We had a moment of 'wow, we could actually go out OUT tonight!' and then swiftly realised we would both rather stuff ourselves silly at dinner, then roll back to the hotel and sit in bed gossiping. Note - gossiping between two mature, consenting adults is the best way to spend a night in a hotel ;)

The Ace is decorated in an effortlessly cool way, nothing seems too 'try hard' here.

The hotel also had all the things you'd need - including to my sheer delight a basket containing face wipes, headache tablets etc... every hotel needs to learn from this! Ok you had to pay the usual extortionate minibar type prices but at least if you have a cracking hangover or forget your makeup remover (disaster) you're sorted. I liked this extra effort. 

After checking in, we headed to St Johns Bread and Wine. An understated place with incredible food and an extensive wine menu. We tried the devilled crab, chicory and cured beed, smoked mackerel and the lamb neck with celeriac. All gorgeous, plus the Malbec was one of the best we've ever tasted. Don't even get me started on their madeleines! NO WORDS!

The next day the sun came out which gave us a view over the rooftops of Shoreditch. 


They also have a great room service menu if you can't be bothered to move. 


We did move however, as I had been telling Jason about how cool the decor was at Hoi Polloi, Ace's restaurant located within the building where they hosted breakfast. It's all 70s wood panelling, leather booth seating and brass accents. AKA cool AF. 

And they do a killer breakfast. We ordered the French toast, Moroccan eggs and pancakes. Because why not?!


But then had a very random alternative valentine's date for us... Have you ever heard fo the Viktor Wynd museum of curiosities?! I would love to say this is a hidden gem in the east end but it was so popular, they had a queue out of the door 15 minutes after opening! They have a fun quirky bar upstairs with taxidermy and seriously weird curiosities in cabinets alongside an extensive cocktail menu.

I've heard they host parties where you can go along and stroke lizards and stuff! BIZARRE! Luckily for us there were no lizards that day, but entry to the museum gave us some shocking and strange things to take a look at...


I have to say nothing quite brings a couple more together than a joint distaste as some of the grossness found in a curiosities museum! 

We loved spending some quality time together and it's not too late for you to do the same. Check out to see if you can #getaroom around valentine's day for you and your partner. You haven't gotta be in a couple though, why not celebrate galentines or just have a night to yourself to chill out? It's amazing what a change of scenery can do!

S x

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