Office furniture. Dull right? In my many years of being interested in interior design I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've seen office furniture that looks good. Chairs especially, it's like if they're aesthetically pleasing they will most definitely not be physically pleasing. 

*This post is in collaboration with Flokk - all thoughts and opinions are my own, obvs!*

The HÅG Futu mesh

Recently Flokk Design got in touch to tell me about their new HÅG Futu mesh chairs. I'll be honest - I hadn't heard of Flokk or HÅG before, and when I heard 'office chairs' I wan't particularly excited, but when they showed me the moodboards for the chairs I suddenly realised they might have actually cracked both the design and the function. 

Office ideas for decor and furniture


Now let me tell you, when it comes to working at a desk I am a right wriggler. I want to have my feet on the floor one moment then sit cross legged. I want to lean back and then sit upright. I also have incredible bad posture so it makes me want to move around and slouch a lot. Until now the best thing I had was one of those Swiss balls but dude, those do NOT look cool.


What I found interesting about the HÅG Futu mesh is an office chair that uses Balance technology which actually encourages you to move around in your chair! It's almost got a slight wobble to it which means you naturally counterbalance it with your body weight and it makes for such a comfortable seat. It also has ridge on the foot base which encourage you to rest your feet on the base and swivel about, again something I naturally found myself doing in traditional office chairs. 

The chairs also include some snazzy mechanisms such as adjustable seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, tilt resistance/HÅG in Balance®, lockable tilt and armrest height. Basically you can make this chair fully bespoke to you in seconds.


We decided on the 'stone' colour, though I nearly went for 'Frost' as I think the pale blue would have worked well in our office too. The HÅG Futu mesh comes in a variety of colours that mean they will suit any office decor. 

HÅG Futu Moodboard 2018 - Dusk.jpg
HÅG Futu Moodboard 2018 - Frost.jpg
HÅG Futu Moodboard 2018 - Forest.jpg
HÅG Futu Moodboard 2018 - Aubergine.jpg

Here is a pinterest board I created with my favourite eclectic office decor inspo featuring some of the HÅG Futu Mesh...

I've really found in just the couple of weeks since we got the chairs that I am noticing a difference in my comfort working at the desk. It's one of those things where you don't realise how bad your previous chair was until you get a banging one!


win an office makeover

If you're considering a new office chair yourself then hold tight because HÅG are offering an office makeover worth a whopping €30k! I KNOW!

Here are full details of the prize:

First you’ll receive a visit from an expert interior architect, who will provide advice on colours and fabrics. They’ll share with you the range of products and discuss what to add to your working environment to not only make it stunning, but make it healthier, happier and more productive.

Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for the transformation!

HÅG will come in and install your complete workplace transformation, including new desks, up to 10 brand new HÅG Futu mesh chairs, a selection of office plants and decorations, and a complete upgrade on your social area or breakout room, including a sofa, chair and table combination, and a Nespresso coffee machine!  

Click here to get involved! You have until the 6th June 2018 to enter.

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