When I wrote down my goals for 2017 I wrote 'another major brand installation like the one I did for habitat'. The universe is obviously working withe me because within a few weeks, it'd happened. 

One day randomly a friend of a friend contacted me and said 'would you be up for doing a christmas tree for the Estée Lauder UK head office in London?'

I was completely snowed under with a few other projects but I have learnt that no matter how under pressure I am I should embrace every opportunity that comes my way, so of course I quickly wrote back 'yes'!

As with all things corporate what originally seemed like a decent amount of time (about ten days) quickly dwindled down into just a few days of panic and it looking really on and off until finally, the tree was ready, literally JUST in time. It was all a bit on and off because due to time constraints I couldn't get my own team together to do the production of the tree because we were busy working on other stuff.  Luckily, the company had their own production company which meant that I could literally just send over designs and they would make it up to spec. 

I'm so pleased with the neon christmas tree installation I created for Estee Lauder UK!

The idea was to create a kind of trashy Miami look with a neon tree and acrylic clear boxes stuffed with products and fairy lights.

The tree was based on the old school wooden / cardboard trees I used to make as a kid that would slot together.

I originally wanted the tree to be made of clear acrylic but due to costs it became more realistic to use sheets of mirror to create the main body and then line it with neon LED flex. I actually really like how this turned out because the presents and neon reflected around more. Great example of when time / budget / design restrictions can actually create the best creative outcomes.

Here's a little video of it getting installed!

And here are some shots of the final tree in place. So pleased with it!

I'm so pleased with the neon christmas tree installation I created for Estee Lauder UK!

If you want to visit you can see it before xmas and it's at 6 Mortimer Street near Oxford Circus. 

S x