Hey! At the moment I split my time working between my teeny-tiny home office (or cupboard to a normal person), and my Croydon based workspace, Tomorrow Hub. I'll be showing you both, but first up I wanted to give you a little tour of my tiny home office layout and what I have within arms reach to help me get my work done. 


First up, a bit on the decor. The wallpaper is 'Illusion' from Graham & Brown, and I actually bought about 9 years ago! I was in B&Q and just loved it and I knew before we even bought our flat that it would one day adorn the walls. The walls are painted using Valspar paint (will come back to you on the colour!) and the desk is an off-cut from our kitchen worktop with some Ikea legs attached. 

home office layout

The 'hustle' art print is from The Loft and Us, the polka dot print is from Post Collective, and the frame for the printed out pic of me and J is from Urban Outfitters (similar here but in copper). 

I also have a Culti scent diffuser as the room is just wayyy to small to burn a candle - It gets so hot int here that I don't want to add anything to the heat!


The HP all-in-one deskjet printer is perfect for this tiny space because it's so slimline. It fits really neatly onto the shelf and can be easily accessed whenever I need it - thought the fact that it has wireless printing makes it even easier!

Getting this really helped to save space as the one I had before was really chunky and took up loads of floor space. It couldn't even go on the desk because it was massive! The 3720 is the height of my phone and a few inches wide, just what you need for a small space.

tiny home office layout

I also have a box hidden behind the artwork on the back wall that houses my mic and webcam for when I'm doing my webinars, plus all my camera paraphernalia like a little LED light, lenses for my Olympus Pen and tripods etc.

Also in this box I have my Henry Holland pencil case (so cool!) and in the little black and white zig zag box I have a camera remote control and a clip mic. I also store any extra memory cards in here. 

I also have a nifty little bluetooth radio from VQ which you can learn more about here in a review post. 


The two chest of drawers are from good old Ikea. They house Jason's decks which come in and out when he wants to have a mix, and our massive trainer / sneaker (if you're American) collection. 

home office layout

We make use of lots of cool little boxes to house various bits and bobs, like the antique wooden box that my grandma gave me which hold various business cards that I've picked up recently. 


In this little workspace I keep a lot of my styling stuff, so postcards / rolled up backgrounds for shooting still life stuff, fabric swatches, cardboard board, tracing paper and stuff like that. 

Another thing I keep in here is my growing mini crystal collection! I know some people think that crystal are a load of rubbish, and who knows, maybe that's true, but I do quite like them. I play with them while I'm doing webinars and stuff, plus they look pretty too. 

So that's the little mini tour of my workspace! As you can see it's tiny so it's really hard to get any more pulled back images but I hope these have done it justice. 

Stay tuned to see pics of my shared co-working space in Croydon in the coming weeks!

S x