Recently I've heard this from friends and people I meet a lot. They're living in a home that essentially doesn't represent their personality AT ALL. Just like our clothes, haircuts and the makeup we wear, our homes represent us as people and what we want to convey to the world. So if you can relate, here are some steps you can take to make it feel a lot more you. Because I think you're pretty awesome. 



Ha ha you might think this is a joke step.. it's not. The hardest thing we can do as human beings is work out who we are. What are we about? What values are important to us? How do I want to be perceived by the world but at the same time not let that completely dictate how I go about styling my home?

Ask yourself these questions. Go and dig deep. Go on a journey of self discovery. Because if you end up realising that you just want your home to be cooler to impress people (yawn) then you still have a much further road ahead of you than just reading this blog post. 

Read this post and follow my steps about keeping a style diary. Do this for at least a month or two before you even think about decorating or restyling your place. 


Ah god this frustrates me a lot. Botanicals! Nautical! Scandi! Boho! I mean come onnnn...

Trends are not there to help you express your personality. Trends are there to keep selling you products, over and over again, season after season.

Trends were developed by corporations and brands so that they can make you feel insecure and like the uncool kid who has stuff from last season. Guess what happens next? You buy a new product to feel cool again and they make a profit. Don't fall into this trap. Of course there may be trends out that have pieces in there that really DO represent your style, in which case feel free to invest, but please stop letting consumeristic culture dictate whether you think your home style is 'in' or 'out'. Just do you. 


Hell, even ignore my advice if you want to. No-one knows and understands you and your style better than you. Well, maybe me, but that's because I have made a business out of helping people discover their true personality, and I wouldn't instinctively know. I'd only know by asking you a series of questions that probably make you want to run a mile with how uncomfortable they will make you feel. 

Don't ask people for advice on what colour to paint your walls. Don't show them wallpaper samples. Don't ask for anyone's opinion. Just do what you like and what you think will feel and look great to you. Even if you decide you hate it afterwards that's great, because you've just learnt a shit ton more than you would have by listening to someone else's advice. You've learnt that you didn't like it, and that's ok. Now try and understand why. If it's because Sally from next door didn't go 'oh wow it's amazing' when she walked in but instead said 'ooh that's a bit... different' then you need to go back to the drawing board. Fuck Sally. 


People love to judge. It's in our human characteristics. It's so easy and god it's sooo fun. But you know what? it's really bad, and we should be more aware of it. If you're thinking people might judge your choice of decor then it's probably because you have been doing that to other people. Have you? Shame on you. 

If you like it, amazing. If someone else likes their crazy weird looking stuff, then BRILLIANT. Do what makes you happy and be happy for other people doing what makes them happy. Who decides what is 'good taste'? It various so much from person to person and culture to culture. No one is bigger or better or has more authority than you. 

Get used to the fact that people who aren't as enlightened as you will love to make their judgements. It's cool. Just remember, you're a bigger person. Deep down they're probably pretty fucking insecure. Wish them love and light and get back to your amazing orange carpet that no-one can tell you is bad taste because YOU LOVE IT. 

I hope this has empowered you in some way or another. 

NOW...What I would love for you to do is share this post with someone you know that you think would like it! Help them get our of their home styling rut and embrace the cool dude that they are. You know who I'm talking about... send it their way!

S x