Soon I'm about to embark on an exciting new journey - I'm going to be studying the professional photography course at the London Institute of Photography!

If you follow my business the No Bull Blog School you may have seen that last year I did the beginners photography course at the LIoP and learnt how to get off of automatic mode and actually understand how to get my camera to do some interesting stuff. You can read about what I learnt here! Because I learnt so much in just two days and my thirst for photography has only gotten bigger, I've decided to commit to a full course with them and I'm so excited!

To celebrate the start of a new journey I wanted to share some of my favourite photographs that I've taken over the last few years. 

Jacqui's Birthday

Jacqui and Brian are friends of ours that live down in Portsmouth. It was Jacqui's birthday and they had a lovely little bbq at their place - it's always a good vibe and great food with those guys. You know those certain people who always just have great people around them? All their friends are awesome and it's always fun and love. The kids were taking it in turns to go down the slide into the paddling pool and I happened to catch this moment right as Jaden splashed in. I like the energy and colours of this one. The hand top right that looks like it's just pushed him really makes the image for me!

Polaroids of Marley

I've been working with Impossible Project a but recently, they refurb old polaroid cameras and took over the very last remaining polaroid film factory and brought it back to life. I've been trying it out a fair bit, seeing how far away I need to be and what effects I can create. I took these portraits of Marley at home, and the one on top turned out perfectly. I love that it's out of focus and she isn't really interested or looking. She looks so cute and grown up. 

Paint Hands


This was part of a recent photo series I did for Crown Paints to showcase their new colours. This wasn't even the main set up, we had a whole still life shoot going and then I just thought it would be fun to try some where hubby dunked his hands in. I love the colour contrast between the pink and blue, plus his hand was perfectly positioned where it didn't look too posed. I think this was the first shot we got of this, none of the subsequent images had the right hand position and the paint had started to go everywhere. 

Moody Marls


This one was a snap taken on my old camera. We were in the kitchen and I was feeding her breakfast in her highchair. I was playing around with my camera and she just happened to look up at me with this kind of bored expression. I didn't realise what I'd got at the time until I came back to it. It was shot in colour but I changed it to black and white and brought out the grain a little because I thought it gave more impact. It's now blown up to a huge size as a canvas in our living room. You can see it here. 


Home office.jpg

I could forgive you for wondering why this fairly straightforward image of my old home office is in this list. It's nothing that exciting to the viewer but for me it was a real pain in the butt to shoot and therefore a triumph. This room gets barely any natural light and I couldn't shoot using the lightbulbs in there because they are so yellow. This was one of the first times I had artificially lit a room with photographic lighting and managed to have it turn out ok. I had to wedge right up behind the lighting because this room is so tiny but I was pleased with the end pic. 


I often have these little impromptu photo shoots with Marley at home. Sometimes she will pick out a really cute outfit or she's just being awesome and I want to capture it. This was in her bedroom - we were trying to get some 'modelling' type photos to send out to some agencies and this was the first time she really seemed to enjoy having her picture taken. She kept twirling around and this was for like, the one second she stood still. I love how the light is hitting her face. 



We'd been cooped up in the house for a few days (it was the depth of winter) so decided to get out and go to Crystal Palace Park. For some reason that day there was this thick, heavy fog that was super eerie. We were basically the only people there, and as I climbed the stairs I glanced right and saw this crow just chilling. It was beautiful and creepy all at the same time. So glad I had the right lens on to capture this one as it flew off within a split second. 


'Scootering' as Marley likes to call it, is one of her favourite things to do. She's only really nailed it recently, and this was the first time she had taken her new pink, pro scooter to a big open space. She kept scooting away from me and was enjoying that I couldn't keep up with her. She thought it was hilarious. All I could manage to capture was her little legs, but I like how it turned out. There's an energy to this picture even though she's not moving much. I love the texture of the floor, the shadows and the bright colours all working together. 


Photo 22-10-2015, 8 11 29 a.m..jpg

At Dulwich park, Marls and hubby were having a little game of basketball. I liked the idea of shooting through the fencing, almost as if I was spying on a little bit of daddy daughter time. It felt special. I love the joy in Jason's face when he looks at her. 


This is Marley with her cousins, Ralph and Bear. When these three get together it's always chaos. There's half eaten food all over the place, high pitched screeching, giggles and often crying too (someone has taken someone's toy yada yada). As soon as I got the camera out they started acting crazy like this. I remember the noise. My sister had just given birth to her premature baby (Ralph and Bear's baby sister, Delilah) and I looked over at her in between snapping them. Her face! A look of pure 'I'm not even gonna bother to tell them to keep it down' and 'they're awesome' all at the same time. The look of a parent I guess. Here it is...

She will probably hate me for posting that!


Jason and I went to Portofino for our ten year anniversary. We stayed in this amazing place up in the hillside that overlooked the bay. Jason is always the more serious / straight laced one but every now and then he relaxes and shows off his childlike side. Just before I shot this he was making me film hi doing dives in and out of the pool and swimming underwater in slow motion. He then jumped out and grabbed this robe to pose like some kind of cool dude. I love the colours and the soft lighting. The composition also worked out really well, even though I'm not sure I was thinking about it. 

I'm really looking forward to starting on the Professional Photography Course at the LIoP. I love photography and am so excited about what I'll learn next, so stay tuned as I'll make sure to share it all here and on my socials. By the way this post isn't an ad for them I just really love what they do! 

S x