This one is a bit of a different one for ya on here, I know I normally talk about design and interiors but it's hard not to share so many of the other important and meaningful (or just damn cool) stuff that I get to experience. 

Recently, you may have seen that in my online education business (No Bull Business School) we ran a course all about Money + Manifesting. I did this because I'm a huge believer in the law of attraction and manifesting stuff. I have been working with a manifesting coach for just over two years now and I've seen my whole mindset around money change and therefore my income has changed dramatically too. I went from making about 18k a year to 90k inside of two years. Yes of course, I worked my butt off to make that happen. But my new positive mindset and working on my old money beliefs allowed me to have the right foundation to do that. Anyway I'm waffling... Part of the Money + Manifesting school course homework was to write a list of 100 things you want. Of course, as the co-tutor of the course I did the homework too.

I wrote lots of things on my '100 things I want' list.

The lease on our flat extended.

A new kitchen.


To own some Moschino clothing. 

The Moschino one was funny - I've always loved Moschino since the old garage raving days (I actually own a pair of peace sign jeans that I WISH I'd kept hold of) but recently I just hadn't made the purchase. There was a lot of guilt around spending money on designer clothing that I needed to work on. Anyway, I wrote it as one of my things out of 100 and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and as usual, I looked at my phone. I browsed insta for a bit and then went to my emails.

There, top of my inbox read: 

Subject - 'Moschino collaboration'


Now I get a lot of emails about collaborations but I mean.... surely that was no bloody coincidence?! I wrote it down less than 8 hours ago. And there it was, plain as day, an offer to collaborate with Farfetch, an online retailer who specifically wanted me and my daughter Marley to wear Moschino for a new editorial piece they were doing. And guess what they were offering me? Moschino clothes. 

I swear you can't make this stuff up. 

The old cynic in me before would have said 'it's just a coincidence' but I don't know about you... I'm not sure I believe in coincidences anymore.  

The law of attraction, people. Don't miss out. 

Here is the editorial piece for Fafetch! What an absolute honour to have been asked to do this! And serious proof that this LOA stuff ain't no joke. 

Sarah Akwisombe

If you want to get involved in this whole manifesting shebang then click here to find out more about my Money + Manifesting course. 

S x