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Every few months, the good folks over at Modern Shows host a Mid Century Modern furniture show unlike any other. I've visited a number of times because I love it so much. I think you might too, so I've put together ten reasons that I think it's worth you taking the time to pay them a little visit!

1. The quality

mid century modern hanging chair

The Mid Century Modern shows attract very high quality dealers. There's no scuffed corners or peeling veneer here - this is the creme de la creme of Midmod. So if you're sick of finding the same old pieces at carboot that are too bashed up to actually ever use or present to a client, then this is for you. 

mid century modern daybed

2. The setting

The show's organisers are extremely savvy when it comes to picking interesting architectural settings for the show. Whether it's an Erno Goldfinger designed school or a 19th century Palladian style college, you're bound to enjoy ogling the building as much as the contents. 

3. The variety

mid century modern art

Don't think you won't also find a great selection of art, new product design, jewellery and more at the Modern shows. They have cleverly added a selection of complimentary dealers to keep you on your toes. Perfect if you want to bring along a mate who 'doesn't like retro' - sadly we all have one.

4. The inspiration


Every time I leave the show I come away with a head brimming with new interior scheme ideas. You never quite know what's going to pop up and make you think a little outside of the box. Go with an open mind and see where it takes you...

5. The food

Weird to add I know, but again the shows founders have thought of everything. It's normal to not realise quite how hungry you are as you get sucked in by all of the beauty that surrounds you. When you do finally manage to drag yourself out of the doors, there will be a little something delicious in a pop up food van waiting for you. 

6. The price 

Ticket prices for Modern shows are extremely reasonable, with tickets at £10 or under depending on when you book. It's a perfectly priced day out that's as much of an event in itself as it is a shopping experience. 

7. The quantity

mid century modern lamp

Yep, I know I had quality as my number 1 point but they also hit the mark on quantity too. You'll find rooms upon rooms of dealers with loads of furniture to look at. Just when you think you've seen it all...

8. The networking

If you're at all involved in the industry side of vintage, interiors or antiques then this is a great place to do a little bit of networking. These dealers know their stuff and can be brilliantly useful down the road when you need a specific piece for a client or shoot. Chat with everyone, take cards and look them up on social media afterwards.

9. The kids friendly vibes

The modern shows are surprisingly well catered for people with kids. I guess the mid-mod style does lend itself well to family living, and the demographic for it is yummy mummy central (I include myself in this category, obvs). Kids are welcome and there's even a buggy park. What's not to love?!

10. The instagram worthiness

Maaaate! I had to stop myself from posting rows upon rows of shots on instagram from the last show I went to. It's pure interiors porn. Everything has a story, everything is beautiful, everything is unusual. It's prime meat for insta. Your friends will be WELL JELL that you're so cool and cultured, innit. 

The next Midcentury Modern show is at Oval Cricket Ground on Sunday the 15th May. Be quick and get an early bird ticket for £9 here.

S x

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