Last weekend Jason, Marley and I headed over to Margate. My friend Amy Exton is a brilliant set designer that I met whilst she lived in London, then she relocated to Margate about a year ago and bought a run down property that she decided to turn into a location house. She invited us down to stay for a night and check out the local area at the same time. Here's what we got up to (scroll to end for video)!

The house

Amy's colourful and eclectic location house in Margate

Amy's place (Margate Location House) is full of vivid brights and has an eclectic retro vibe, so obviously you know this is right up my street! 

Every room is drenched in colour and this location would work exceptionally well for fashion shoots I think. 

Amy's porcelain tiger collection could rival anyone's I reckon. 

Let's also talk about her Flatmate Shop Floor Whore's unicorn dream bedroom!

And that pink bathroom!

Amy's bedroom was also poppin'...

I loved that she had taken cheapo charity shop finds and turned them into unique one off pieces by painting with bright colours and replacing handles with blingy new brass ones. 

The custom wall mural in the courtyard by Sprankenstein was awesome...

Oh and I even had time for a little photoshoot of my own.. 

Sarah akwisombe interior design blog

Even though we could have happily stayed in the location house for the whole weekend we decided to head out and see what Margate had to offer!

Of course Marley just wanted to get onto the sand...

you'd think one of her parents had grown up on the beach or something ;)

I had other ideas however...

We soon found something that worked for all three of us... 

Here's a little vlog of our trip! Come and subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Thanks to Amy for having us! Go and check out Margate Location House on instagram to see more of what Amy is doing to the house as she's still got a few things left to do. I'll be eagerly watching! 

If you want to hire the location (it's super affordable) drop Amy a line at

S x