sanderson hotel alice in wonderland tea

It's been a little while since I last did a Dinner & Decor post (don't worry, there's more coming soon), so I thought now would be the perfect time to share a recent trip of mine to the Sanderson hotel in London where I took my mum and sister for a birthday afternoon tea. Now afternoon tea on any occasion is always exciting, but throw in a lil' bit of Alice action and I was already stumbling over myself to book us in. I mean Alice in Wonderland is like one of the greatest movies of all time, right?! But not the new one, it has to be the shitty 70s version with Dudley moore. Otherwise don't talk to me about it. It's so perfectly trippy and weird. 

Anyway, onto the good stuff. 

lips sofa

We arrived at The Sanderson and had a moment to admire the interior decor before being taken to our seats in the covered courtyard. In the lobby area it's a mish mash of styles with a slight 'pop' feel, the giant red lips sofa being the first thing you see as you enter. That's pretty special I think.

The bar area is a sophisticated and masculine mix of leather, marble and dark woods that almost had me thinking I could live like that for a minute. Minimal and clean lines... 

Before we knew it we were being whisked to our seats in the courtyard, complete with outdoor heaters, soft flowing water from the fountains and paper lanterns hanging. 

(not my pic, I forgot to get one)...

It's a lovely space and would be really amazing in the summer. With it being the middle of winter it was surprisingly warm with the heaters, but did add a strange orange hue to all of my pictures, so please bear with me! 

The outdoor space has a slight Japanese, zen garden feel with the trickling water features and topiary. The clean lines of the marble and leather continues out here, but it's made all a bit more fun with the mad hatter themed serve ware and FOOD!

The mad hatter theme begins with a menu hidden inside a book, jewellery boxes filled with sugar cubes, tea in tiny perfume bottles to sniff and decide, and playing cards to describe each tea.

I went for the white rabbit, whilst Annie took the 'Alice'. Mum went for a standard breakfast tea.

sanderson hotel afternoon tea

We were also pleased to find out that we had a cocktail thrown in with our booking - I'd booked some kind of special offer with bookatable so must have been included. I do love a bit of bookatable! Both of the teas and the cocktail were sublime.

sanderson hotel alice in wonderland

Soon our tea and food started arriving. The tea is served in amazing mad hatter inspired teapots and teacups, with each teapot adorned with his own little paper hat.

Needless to say that became my crown pretty fast. 

sanderson hotel alice in wonderland

Workin' that crown beyaaatch.

The first course consisted of a variety of sandwiches, including my personal favourite, a crab roll.

The scotch egg was also cooked to perfection with a slightly soft yolk. MMMM! 

mad hatter afternoon tea review

After devouring our savoury selection in about 3 seconds flat, the tower of sweet treats arrived!

sanderson hotel alice in wonderland

Now this bit is super fun because not only do you get sugary sweets YAY, but you get them in the form of little characters and creatures from Alice in Wonderland. 

mad hatter afternoon tea

There were marshmallow carrots and mushrooms...

mad hatters afternoon tea

Pocket watch macarons and playing card biscuit sandwiches...

the sanderson afternoon tea

Passion fruit flavoured shrinking potions...

sanderson hotel alice in wonderland

Butterfly cupcakes and more...

sanderson hotel alice in wonderland

After eating our way down to the scones I was starting to feel defeated... it was delicious but filling! And endless supply of that gorgeous tea made sure that I had something to wash it down with to try and more space, as before I knew it, the final piece was coming!

sanderson hotel alice in wonderland

From what I remember, this was some kind of fro-yo with crunchy cocoa pieces and an edible flower to top it off. But honestly, I can't remember much. It was yummy but I was so full by then that I couldn't really enjoy it!

Suitably stuffed, we asked to take our remaining pieces home to our boys to enjoy. 

We had a really great time at The Sanderson's Mad Hatter tea. The atmosphere was really jovial with lots of happy tea timers snapping pics of themselves with the beautiful cakes. I would really recommend it for a fun friends or family little thing. It's perfect for a birthday or girls day out. I'd recommend going on a bright day as the outdoor area will be even more special. 


- Super fun and instagram worthy!

- Well priced

- Cocktails and tea are exceptional

- Lovely courtyard area


- The only negative is that the outdoor heaters give all of your photos a really orangey 'you've been tangoed' glow!

sanderson hotel alice in wonderland

If you want to book in for a Mad Hatter's tea party at The Sanderson, you can book here. The deal I booked was £40 each.

Do you have any restaurants that you recommend I check out for my Dinner & Decor series? Leave a comment below and let me know!

S x