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You might be wondering why I've made such a tenuous link between our self esteem and the quality of our bathrooms, and I'm here to explain all. Because in my opinion, there's nothing tenuous about it at all. Here's why...

C P Hart

We spend a LOT of time in our bathrooms. It's where we are at our most vulnerable, where we get ready for the day, where we wind down, where we bathe our children.

Bathrooms see a lot of emotions.

When I'm sad or angry, I often find myself locking the bathroom door for some quiet contemplation. A bath perhaps. When I used to smoke, I would sneak away and hang half out of my bathroom window watching the smoke rise into the distance, lights off, gazing at the stars above. It was meditation. 

When I think about my bathroom, it's much more to me than just a place to shower.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by how much thought has gone into their bathroom experience. It might sound crazy, I know, but what is more an act of self-love than to treat yourself to the luxury surrounding of the perfect place to spend many of your waking moments? 

Those moments in the morning that can set you up for the rest of your day. Applying makeup, doing hair, getting dressed... becoming the person you want to be..

Having a luxury bathroom is saying to yourself 'I deserve to have these moments be extra special'.

I think that can do a lot for your self esteem and confidence, don't you agree?

Before you think I'm getting all Tony Robbins here you gotta just think about it for a moment. Imagine that perfect bathroom... underfloor heating, beautiful taps, luxury materials, a shower head or bath that operates in such an ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing way!

Bliss right?!

What's made me think about it like this? Recently I went over to luxury bathroom retailer C. P. Hart for a little guided tour around their showroom with the designer of the showroom himself. He talked me through every design aspect and how each collection had been displayed with the customer in mind. How would they feel when using this bathroom? Who was it for?

The products were absolutely beautiful. From carved stone baths and cutting edge tap design to Art Deco vanities, there was so much to get lost in. 


Sorry, normal service resumes. Got a bit excited there.

The space itself screamed 'aspirational' and it's hard to see how someone couldn't feel a huge confidence boost having stepped inside this showroom. The railway arches that it sits underneath have recently been revamped, and the whole shopping experience is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. They even have a coffee shop in their entryway! And it's like, the coolest cafe I have been to recently. 

C P Hart waterloo

Everything has been thought out in the way that lets the customer have maximum breathing space. It gives them loads of inspiration and ideas without being pushy. You can pull out tap blocks and swap them around to create YOUR perfect look. Something that would make you feel great every time you stepped foot inside.

Plus, one look at C. P. Hart's website and you can see their ethos summed up in the little quotes that they have from celebrities about bathrooms.

This resonated with me:

If I want to be alone, some place I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want - I go to the bathroom.
Alicia Keys

There were luxury treats galore, from transparent Phillipe Starck designed taps to horizontal showers, scented rainfalls, relaxing sounds of nature, colour changing walls and technological advances to make your bathroom experience memorable.

If that's not shouting a big 'I'm such a frickin' badass that I'm gonna treat myself to this absolutely monumental bathroom!' then I don't know what is.

horizontal shower

It's not about the 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' from impressing your friends. It's about this being your space, and you making it the best it can be. FOR YOU.

Treat yourself there, and you're telling yourself that you're the dogs bollox. 

And that my friends, is what I call true confidence.

S x

*This post is in collaboration with C. P. Hart. I love their ethos, their fun approach to design and their INCREDIBLE products,  mean, did you see that gold fauceted tap... I mean, seriously! NEED!*