london fashion weekend review

A couple of weeks ago I got invited to London Fashion Weekend, WAIT, BEAR WITH ME I haven't turned all fashion twat just yet. It's still an interiors thing I promise! The lovely BHS invited fellow blogger Emilie from Stella and the Stars and I along to check out the Luxe lounge at LFWend, which they had designed using BHS SS16 home accessories. Given the fact that I am up for anything random and design-y, I was in. I have to say after how the day went, I might be able to get used to this fashion malarkey...

We first arrived to the show at the Saatchi Gallery and took pictures outside with the big 'poser' board.

It was really funny to me, because interiors can be quite a funny world if and when you want to take pictures of yourself or do typical lifestyle bloggery things. It's not frowned upon but it's defo not the norm. A lot of bloggers stay behind the lens. Arriving at LFWend was pretty freeing actually, Emilie and I could stand for ages taking pictures of ourselves without feeling like twats!

london fashion weekend review

Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying we took pictures of ourselves here.

london fashion weekend review

Inside, we were welcomed by fresh flowers from Bloom & Wild and got a few sneaky glimpses of what was on offer in the market hall areas. Before getting stuck in though, we went straight for the Luxe Lounge that BHS had collaborated on.

london fashion weekend review

The Luxe Lounge is only available to Luxe ticket holders and provides a welcome escape from walking around carrying shopping bags through the crowds. We spotted designers, bloggers, journalists and fashionistas alike hanging out in there.

London fashion weekend luxe lounge

The decor was a really easy going mix of British classic wing back chairs with a few oriental and metallic accents. Of course drenched in beautiful fresh flowers, dressed with achingly-hip magazines and fashion portraits that adorned the walls. The lighting was ambient and low, with cute table lamps creating the vibe. 

London fashion weekend luxe lounge

We arrived at the perfect time as they had a little prosecco and canapé breakfast happening. Emilie and I were both pretty hungover from Kate Watson Smyth's book launch the night before so what better way to get over it than hair of the dog and a tiny fashion sized bagel?!

Once we had taken it all in and got enough posey pictures of each other we went to check out the market halls downstairs. There was a real mix of established designers offering goods at sample sale prices and emerging designers with 'on the day' only offers.

I found it really interesting to see the way colour palettes and motifs travel between fashion and interiors. 

I found loads of amazing clothing and accessories that I wanted. How amazing are the lobster dresses?

lobster print dress

and this transparent bag? Right up my street. Should have bought it goddamit.

do epic shit bag

There was also a whole gallery full of jewellery and another with bags. I fell in love with this 'bite me' handpainted shoulder bag from Florian London. That one's on the wish list for sure. 

handpainted custom handbag
florian london handbag

It felt like as soon as we got started getting into this fashion thang it was time to take our front row seats for the TREND fashion show.

Instead of a usual fashion show by one designer, it was a collaborative mix of different designers uniting pieces under each trend. I'd not ever been to a fashion show before and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Plus, having front row seats meant that I got really good pics!

london fashion weekend sarah akwisombe

I became obsessed with this eye print dress by Valentino Red.

valentino red eye print dress

Once all of that hype was over, it was back to the luxe lounge for a little chillax before a final whip round the galleries to make sure we hadn't missed anything. 

london fashion weekend luxe ticket

Clearly this also meant an opportunity for more self obsessed photo taking...

sarah akwisombe blogger
emilie jacob stella and the stars

Dragging our heels we left LFWend with a new found respect for the fashion crowd and definitely more of an open mind to how the fashion and interiors worlds work so well together. BHS did a great job of created a cosy little sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the event, so it's well worth getting a luxe ticket if you ever go yourself - I well recommend it! Just make sure you hide your credit cards... so much temptation!

So what do you think of the Luxe lounge, and would you ever think about going to LFWend now?

S x