It's the ten year anniversary of Lee Broom this year, and to celebrate Milan Design Week, Broom presented his iconic designs on a slowly rotating carousel in a disused railway arch in Ventura Projects near Centrale Station. It was pretty epic!

A look at Lee Broom's installation at Milan Design Week 2017.

This was truly an experience to be had in person - the images really don't do it justice. Is this the design world going anti instagram perhaps? We saw a bit of this - stuff that had to be seen in person, or at least video for it to really make sense. With this carousel you really wanted to stop and take in its slow movement. The serene classical music really added to the atmosphere. 

We were speaking to the PRs at the event and they said that every piece of rubble was specifically chosen and picked. Apparently they were running up the road to the local rubble pile with wheelbarrows in their dresses and heels which was quite a funny vision... Who says high end design is all glamour hey?!


Here's a little video so you get an idea of the installation at Milan Design Week...

More to come from Milan Design Week soon!

S x