kids summer party

It's about that time that the schools are about to kick out all of the kids for summer here in the UK. Ice lollies, water fights and trips to the park (or perhaps soup, umbrellas and indoor play if this summer has been anything to go by!)

Me and my sister Annie thought it'd be cute to throw my nephew a cute little schools' out party to celebrate the best time of year for kids his age with a little help from Command 3m.

kids party ideas

Decorating any kinda part is so easy with the Command range as everything super easy to remove - perfect for Annie's rented flat. They almost have a strip / clip for anything, from bunting clips to balloon hangers to ceiling hooks. We used a selection including the Banner Anchors, Ceiling Hooks and decorating clips.

We had a selection of honeycomb pineapples, blow up flamingos, pineapple bunting and a honeycomb 3d garland too!

We went with a tropical / summery theme. So fittingly British... not!

kids party decoration ideas

First up we hung the honeycomb ball garlands from the walls and ceiling to drape over the table which would be the main focus area.

We then attached the pineapple bunting to the wall lower down.

kids part decoration ideas

We had to keep our eye on Bear, my 1 yr old nephew, who likes to get his hands on EVERYTHING!

After hanging the bunting (which took all of about 5 minutes) we set about creating a hanging pineapple centrepiece to hang over the table like a chandelier! We cut some ribbon to various lengths and then used the ceiling hooks to attach it really easily. 

kids party decoration ideas
pineapple table centrepiece

Bear enjoyed this bit a lot! 

Decorations done, then it was just time to strategically place our flamingos...

blow up flamingo

and dress the table!

kids decor party ideas
end of school party

Then it was time to unleash the kids...

Happy days!

Oh to be excited about the summer holidays again :)

Sarah x