Hey! So you may have seen from my instagram that I'm out at Milan Design Week. It's now my last day and I'm sat in my Airbnb thinking about the best way to show you this shit ton of content that I have! I mean probably at least a thousand photos and a few hours of video footage, eeeeeek! So I think the best thing to do is break up everything into individual posts and then do you a larger roundup of what I noticed the common themes were. Deal? Right. First up, Jaime Hayon for Caesarstone.

(scroll to the end for video)

Image by Caesarstone

Image by Caesarstone

Dress by  Cheap Monday

Dress by Cheap Monday

Stone Age folk was the name of the installation, and it involved typical Jaime Hayon trademarks of playful clown faces and tribal shapes alongside carousels made of Caesarstone.

Of course I also loved the black and white flooring combo!

This was the first thing I saw and personally thought it had a bit of a 60s kaleidoscopic vibe in the main section. 

Here's a little video of inside the installation so you can get a better idea of the scale of it!

Overall a great start to our Design Week!

Sarah x