So I have a confession to make.. somehow in all of the goings on I completely forgot to share the reveal of this finished room! That's right, even though it's June this project was actually finished months ago. EEEEK! Anyway, better late than never right?!

Ready to see the reveal pics?


Let's just remind ourselves how it looked in the beginning. 

Mmm, estate agenty! 

The room lacked in atmosphere, was cold and did not represent the current tenant's fun and vibrant personality. 

Wanna see the planning that went into this project? Check out Part 1 and 2!


The project wasn't without its issues, encountering one of the most embarrassing problems of my design career to date! Read more about that in part 2. 

bedroom makeover


The client's room is now full of personality with subtle textures and midcentury inspired Tretchikoff cushions. 

colourful bedroom makeover
tretchikoff cushions
bedroom makeover sarah akwisombe

The peeling plaster effect mural on the back wall added texture and depth. 

plaster mural wall

I also brought in various levels of lighting to create a nice room ambience, including the copper pendant and pink glass table lamp. Small globe lamps on the floor added a bit of extra interest and a soft glow for night time. 

Soft touchable fabrics were used on the bed and floor rug (deep pile cosiness!) and the heavy weight curtains in the same shade as the walls kept the window area feeling warm too. 

The hammered metal sidetables were a tactile addition to the bedside space. We actually had to try a couple of version because sizing was an issue but we got there in the end with these from 

The floor length freestanding mirror was the final touch, adding a bit of classic opulence to quite a pared back scheme! It wouldn't be me without a bit of antique style drama, right?!

free standing gilt mirror
sarah akwisombe interior design

I'm really pleased with how the room turned out and actually think that pared back / refining some of the crazy in my original design seen in Part one has made for a cool, chilled out finish!

What do you think?

S x