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Some of the photography on instagram is absolutely amazing, don't you agree? It's my go to place for inspiration. It really bugs me when people overlook insta photographers for their artwork - just because it's taken on a phone doesn't make it any less captivating! Sometimes even more so. I love how people have turned the daily routine of snapping stuff on your phone and turned it into a true art form, and now a company called Post Collective are turning instagram photographers into artists in their own right.

Post Collective collaborate with instagram users to find the best images and turn them into unique prints for your pad. Each artist they choose to work with has their own style and a great eye. Prints start at an incredibly affordable 24.95 for an unframed print, but you can also choose a framed option (like I did above with my polka dot shot) and they even go up to 50x50cm in size.

Here's my curation with ten of my faves and if you read on there's a little discount code for you to get 10 euros off of your first purchase. Woop!

Love Life, Live Long - Tiago Ribeiro

instagram prints
instagram prints
pink black white photography
instagram prints art
artwork like slim aarons


The Polka Dot Wall - Maralazaridou

Recognise this one? I have it at home thanks to Post Collective who sent it to me as a little gift! You'll see it appearing on my instagram feed every now and then :)

polka dot artwork

Like here!

sarah akwisombe interior stylist
photography like alex prager
rockabilly artwork
instagram art prints
instagram art prints

I think what Post Collective are doing is awesome and really opens up how we see the art world, which can often be snobby and pretentious. This just goes to show if you have the right eye for it then anyone can be a desired artist.

I for one will be picking up more prints over the coming months and will for sure be keeping an eye out on them for any of my styling or interior design work.

Did you see any pieces which took your eye? Remember I have 10 x gift codes available to get ten euros off your first order, yay! Just use 'SARAHA' at checkout. Be quick, they'll go fast! Click here to browse the collection.

So what do you think, should phone photographers be just as respected as 'proper' photographers, or should we be giving the traditional guys the props they deserve? I'd love to know what your opinion is!

S x