I just finished watching the second season of Master of None. I wasn't that bothered about Aziz Ansari before I started watching this, to be honest I just thought he was an unfunny comedian with a strange voice. I'd seen him on random shows and just found him to be a bit 'meh'.

So when my friend Charles recommended I check out this show I was really surprised. Almost to the point where I was like, not even gonna bother, but Charles is usually pretty on point with his recommendations so based off the strength of a his rec I decided to sit down and give it a watch. He had said season 2 was better than season 1 so for some reason I started from season 2 (I now regret this and will tell you why in a moment).

Let me just say this, for whatever you may think about Ansari, this is a GREAT show. It's cute and heart warming and funny in the right places. Everything that I want to watch right now. I'm so not in the place to be watching dark, harrowing shows. I just can't do it anymore. Since I became a mum and since I see so much of this shit in the news every day it's quite nice to give myself a bit of respite by only watching things that warm my soul. 

Master of None does that really well.

It also does these other 5 things really well. 

1. Addresses issues


MON suprisingly addresses many interesting issues that are present in society at the moment, namely same sex relationships, sexual harassment, racism and religion. All in quite a fun and light hearted way (if that's possible).

In one episode, we are faced with Dev having to question his friend and co-host after a fellow colleague accuses him of being a pervert. It was great to see the female voice represented in such a REAL way. Exactly how it would go down - and again not heavy or dark in vibe. Good writing.

2. Romance

Oh and don't let me forget to talk about how well this show does the love story! I don't know whether it's just perfectly bumbling and realistic or whether he and the main character just have a really great way of acting together. Not sure. The writing of the developing romance is some of the most heart warming I've seen on TV lately. Think a contemporary Woody Allen. That's a better way of explaining it. 

I'm going to say heart warming and cute a lot in regards to this show. I mean that's just Ansari all over isn't it? Look at me all liking him now. 

The long scene where Dev sits in the cab alone after Francesca gets out is pure perfection. It's rare that you get drawn out scenes like this in TV, not on the traditional networks anyway. Netflix has given me hope. 

The reason I haven't watched Season 1 yet is because I don't think it will live up to my sheer delight for season 2, especially on the romance front.

3. Angles

This show is shot beautifully. They've definitely taken more care and sophistication when it comes to composition and lighting etc (etc meaning I don't know what else they have done technically but it looks dope).

4. Music

OMG the soundtrack to this season is sooooo fly. I can't speak for S1 because I haven't watched it yet but if S2 is anything to go by then I'm in for a treat. Think cross genre, but always like, the créme de la créme of each. You'll hear everything from tupac's 'only god can judge me' to Italian disco, and it all works, SO well. So well in fact that I've been listening to this playlist on spotify all day. I highly recommend you do the same. 

Basically Arnold is like your absolute dream party DJ. (Once you watch it you'll understand).

5. Food

Ohhhh I do love when I realise a show's creator loves food as much as I do. MON tastefully (he) navigates its way from Modena, Italy to the New York dinner party / wine scene easily. Again, everything is done with so much elegance and sophistication. Dev shows that you can be a bit of a geek but still ooze smooth cool, even when you're geeking out over pasta. 

My review? If you want something easy to watch, light hearted, fun and heart warming all in one place then I would wholehearted recommend watching Master Of None. It's seriously cute but in a really sophisticated and cool way. Love it. 

S x