black and white blind

Our kitchen is such a state. It actually pains me when I go in there. It pains me even more to cook in there. As you can see in this earlier blog post, we did do a little bit of updating when we moved in, but more of a 'let's just make it liveable enough that I don't have a breakdown every time I enter the room' rather than 'WOW HERE'S OUR SHINY NEW KITCHEN'. It was so bad that we didn't even have a blind up in there. All my little 5.30am half-asleep half-naked wonders to go and get Marley milk were clearly being experienced by the people in the flats opposite too. Oops! So when Apollo Blinds got in touch recently and asked if I fancied designing my own blind to be printed using their high spec digital technology, I think the answer was a resounding yes.

Because they have some fancy schmanzy printing technology, I was able to create whatever I wanted - so long as I could take a picture of it. You can do this too, all you need to do is supply high res photography and they can print anything you like onto one of their digital blinds. Take a look here for more info!

I started by brainstorming some concepts. 


design concept

The first look was based on the intricate geometric details of bismuth, an amazing crystal. I couldn't believe this was real when I first found it. However, I didn't have any Bismuth, so that was gonna take a little bit longer to source the right bit and then photograph it.


Design concept

Look 2 was based on contemporary aboriginal artwork that I'd found after looking into Keith Haring's work some time ago. Again it was playing on the black and white theme with high contrast. I was really into this but it was going to require being hand drawn and my drawing is way too average!


design concept board

Look 3 was by far the most edgy and also (handily) the easiest to actually get created. After sourcing some silver acetate / foily type stuff I created the perfect 'scrunch' and shot a high res photo which was then blown up by the apollo team and printed onto the blind. 

I went for the silvery metallic look rather than gold as it created a really cool black and white effect which is a lot more practical and liveable than a bright gold blind - CAN'T BELIEVE I AM SAYING ANYTHING REMOTELY NEGATIVE ABOUT GOLD.

You'll also probably notice it matches my lovely blog header - branding on fleek peeps. 

Here's the final look in my kitchen!

black and white blind

I think it works really well with the mid grey walls. It will look even better once we FINALLY get a beautiful new kitchen put in. I am thinking something like this as seen on Stylizmo blog... functional and understated cool. 

It's so much fun to see something I've created in use in my home. Watch this space - I could get used to this!

What do you think of my first foray into product design? 

S x

*I have worked in collaboration with Apollo Blinds on this blog post. I received my blind complimentary in return for writing a review of their product and service. All thoughts are my own - OBVZ! I only ever promote brands that I personally love and think you would too. Mwah!*