Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the VIP opening of Collect 2017, the International art fair for contemporary objects. Hosted by the Crafts Council at the Saatchi Gallery on Kings Rd, in all honesty I wasn't really sure whether I'd be that into it. But invited by the lovely Grainne at Tomorrow PR I thought I'd give it a go. After all I might find something new and interesting, and at the very least it would be good to get off the laptop and actually go and find some inspiration. And that I did... texture inspo to the max!

Oh and some prosecco. Always got time for that.

Everything at Collect is JUST. SO. TOUCHABLE. But then you can't touch it, arrgh!

If you're looking for some texture inspiration then this is it. I never really consider texture when I'm designing, I'm always primarily led by shape and colour, so it was nice to have a little realisation of 'shit man, texture is cool.'

Here's what I found that inspired me. I've also put together three tips on using texture in interior design and home decor which you can find at the bottom of this post. 


My first discovery was this incredible ceramic sculpture called 'Modern Remains' by Kouzo Takeuchi. His work began as an accident in 2006. While he was working on his ceramic square tubes he broke one by accident, and was surprised at how much it immediately appealed to him. Since then, Takeuchi has been intentionally breaking the tubes with a hammer to complete his sculptural pieces.

I love the playful nature of this one and of course its lines and angles. 


Eva Zethraeus is a ceramic artist living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her ceramic sculptures are inspired by botanical and biological specimens. They reminded me of cactus and succulents! These completely felt alive. 



Ok so everything I could find research wise on Coralie was in French and though I can order a class of wine I definitely cannot transcribe an entire bio of a french artist. Basically, she makes incredible stuff out of paper. LOOK AT IT! Like big paper pebbles!

I asked the gallery attendant about how these were made and she told me in a very French accent that it was 'top secret' and didn't like my 'so if you tell me you'll need to kill me?' joke. As my friend Milly said afterwards, she was 'very French'.



Anne Marie's work seems to play with plasticity a lot. These objects (to me) looked like faces that had been contorted out of shape. Or aliens. More like aliens. Or sand dunes. Caves. 

Whatever it is, I want one! 


Ok I literally can't find anything about this artist online so I can't even tell you if Mika is a male or female! However 'Mika' makes these pretty insane brass geometric sculptures. Right up my street! 

These to me say 'KAPOW', which I like. 


Amazing matte glass sculptures in organic shapes that almost looked like they were made of velvet. We were actually encouraged to touch these (!) and the green rocked back and forth in quite a satisfying way. Like, I could totally imagine if I had that in my house I could stand in front of it for hours, just rocking it. It could be like meditation... OHMMMMM.


These pieces looks like ceramics from afar but then we actually realised they were made from fabric that had all been delicately folded... how incredible is that?!


Sadly Milly was rushing me to go and eat steak and chips by this point so I only managed to get a quick snap of this incredible work. Doesn't it look like some kind of sea creature? It's shards of ceramic. I could ave sworn if I'd touched it it was actually rubber, but remember - NO TOUCHING. 

With that it was a goodbye to Collect and a hello to Cote Brasserie. But read on because I've got three great tips for how you can use texture in your home!

3 tips to using texture in your decor


I love contrasting smooth with rough, fluffy with shiny etc. It creates a cool tension between the objects that's quite modern. 

Replace Colour

Instead of feeling like you need to add loads of coloured accessories to your palette, you could stick within one tone of colour and then add layers of texture instead. 

Switch it up

Instead of using texture in soft furnishings, why not try it as a piece of art a la Maison Parisienne, or on walls? There are some great textured wallpapers out there at the moment that can create quite a sophisticated look. 

If you want some more textural inspo come and check out my Texture Pinterest board!

S x