Hey peeps! Recently Jason and I have been talking a lot about what our next property move will be. We have gotten to a point where we might be able to look at either investing in a second property or selling up and moving to a new place to do it up. The second option definitely got me thinking... is our place fit for sale? I mean, in terms of how well it's finished YES. But is it to everyone's taste? Maybe. Would we need to repurpose some rooms to make more sense to a wider number of buyers? Possibly. Around the same time as having these thoughts, Tepilo (the online estate agent and brain child of wonder woman and my personal idol, Sarah Beeny) got in touch to ask if I fancied working together on some content. I obviously was well up for it as I love the ethos behind Tepilo. They are all about redefining the home sales process which is right up my street - I do love a company that sets out to disrupt industries!

I thought I'd sit down and share my tips for if you're selling how you can create that 'wow factor when people walk through the door for their first viewing. 

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1. Your home needs to look loved

This is such a simple one but it's overlooked isn't it! When you live somewhere your first impression is often askew as we are so normalised to it. The first thing that strikes me when I go to a new home is 'does this place feel looked after and loved?' Some things to look at would be

- Is it tidy and free of clutter?

- Does it smell good?

- Are there scratches, scuffs or unfinished walls / areas?

If these things above are overlooked then subconsciously it can give big warning signals. 

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2. Your home needs to appeal to the widest range of people

I know, it hurts me to even write this. As someone who is all about personal, individual style, my flat is definitely NOT going to appeal to the mass market. But, if you want to sell quickly and at the best price you (we) might have to bite our lip and 'neutralise' some elements. Now I'm not saying to white wash everything and make it super clinical. I'm saying if you're serious about selling there might be a couple of areas to 'tone down'. For instance, we have a hot pink painted ceiling in our living room. Do we love it? Hell yes. Would most people? Nope. I can't be idealistic about it and you shouldn't either. If you need to sell, do what you need to. Remember that not everyone has the amazing vision for the design of the place and some people needs to see it in simpler terms in order to visualise themselves living there. 

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3. Your home needs to make sense to who is its demographic

Our flat has a very odd layout. My daughter Marley's bedroom is attached to ours by a door. This works really well for us as she is little and when she was a baby it was super convenient. The reason we would likely move from this property is that the layout won'e necessarily make sense when she is 9 or ten and wants more privacy. So we need to bear that in mind for the people who will be looking around our property. Can I show them that this bedroom could be used as a living room with a small room off it? That would mean moving some furniture and perhaps a little decor change but it would make more sense to people as a first reaction rather than 'that's a weird layout'. Again, not everyone has the same vision and they might not have the same needs as you. What I'm saying is, if your little flat is likely to be sold to a professional couple but you have it set up to suit a baby then you might want to rethink that. The same way if your home is going to suit a family then showcase that. It's all about selling the lifestyle that comes with the property (in my opinion anyway)!

So those are my tips and things that I might be asking myself sometime in the near future! Let me know if any of these resonated with you. Do you think you could do no2? This is where I'll struggle I think but I'm gonna try to be strong! If you are thinking of moving do check out Tepilo, I really like their ethos and I'll definitely be considering them if we look at moving any time soon. 

Much love,

S x

*This post is in collaboration with Tepilo.*