hang artwork without nails

Hey peeps! Got a bit of fun news today. I've been a long time fan of those little sticky strips that allow you to put artwork up on walls without ripping the paint off the walls or the need for a hammer and nails (cos honestly, I'm way too busy trying to get my eyeliner symmetrical to be worrying about that kinda shizz). Anyway, the good folks over there obviously noticed my incessant fan-girling and got in touch to ask if I'd like to become a brand ambassador for the product!

So what exactly does that include? Well over the next few months I'll be sharing even more tips and fun ways to use command 3m in your home. You can see my first blog on how to hang artwork without using nails which has been one of my most popular posts of all time HERE.

strips to hang artwork on the walls

To start our journey with Command 3m, me and a few other awesome bloggers (Tigerlily Quinn, Hannah F Gayle, Poppy Dinsey and Little Big Bell) were taken over to a cool manor house out in the sticks to style up some decorative ideas to see you through the year. I did a Halloween and Christmas look so obviously there's a bit of time until they come out, so in the meantime here are some behind the scenes snaps. You will have also seen me doing a house your if you follow me on snapchat (sarahakwisombe). If you don't then what are you waiting for?!

Keep an eye out for some fun coming your way and in the meantime check out the Command 3m range. These picture hanging strips in particular are my favourites.  They're perfect for both home projects and styling jobs too. Something I always have in my kit!

Have you ever tried the picture hanging strips? What did you think?

S x

*This post is in collaboration with Command 3m. As always I only recommend products that I love and use myself!*