It seems like life has been going at warp speed recently. I felt like it was time to do a little update, because I've had some massive changes happen in my working life over the last 6 months. You might have seen a little thing of mine called the 'No Bull Blog School' floating around 'pon the internet lately. Well, that has been the start of something quite extraordinary. Here's how I launched my most successful business venture to date (and trust me there have been a few), without realising what I was doing. 


Hol' up, rewind! Let's go back to around November 2015. I had just recently finished up a couple of assisting and merchandising jobs. I was pleased at how things had been progressing on that side - the interior styling / photoshoot world is such a hard place to get into and I seem to have found a connect. BUT. I looked forward in my diary and had absolutely nothing in for the next few months. Could it be that as soon as I found my way into working on jobs I now had the prospect of YET ANOTHER Christmas without any income?! ARGH! My exact thoughts were 'I cannot do this again'. I was shitting it. 

I had been in that flat-broke place a few times over my freelance (and lets not lie) employed career. It's heartbreaking. It makes you view life in such a bitter and depressed way. Things like Christmas become a huge fucking ordeal because you are stealing from Pete to pay Paul, or in this instance buy presents for Paul, or whatever the bloody saying is.

Anyway it sucked balls and I didn't want to go there again. Not literally you sickos, there as in BROKE. 


I'd had this little thing called the 'No Null Blog School' for a while. It was just a name, an idea and a facebook group at this point where we talked about blogging and how to start a blog. I always had the intention of turning it into a bigger thing but honestly I had been focusing on building up my interior styling and contacts so it had fallen a bit by the wayside. As in it wasn't even in my periphery. Anyway, now that I had the potential of free time for the next ALL OF MY LIFE BECAUSE I HAD NO WORK BOOKED IN I decided to pull it off the ropes and relaunch it to the world in the form of an online blog school. I have to big up my good friend and fellow blogger Milly Cundall at this moment because we had a conversations a few days before this idea manifested and I think she may have planted a very good seed. Something about teaching what I was good at. I forget the words but I don't forget the intention. 

Anyway, I put some feelers out, and then launched the course.

It would take place over 6 weeks, all done live via webinars. I hadn't even written the content for it. I just had a rough idea of what I would talk about each week and I knew that I had a shit load of great content and knowledge for people on the subject of starting a blog. Because basically I can talk about it for hours and not get bored!

I ran a free webinar and sold places onto the course. I thought I'd probably make a few sales, maybe enough to go towards some presents for my family. 


I could not believe it. Like actually. Every time a Paypal alert came through on my phone I was getting giddy and showing my husband the alerts on my phone like a proud toddler. Hilarious! I went to sleep without about ten signed up and woke up with 80. 

Anyway, that pretty much changed my life overnight. 

Not just because I made enough cash to get me through xmas (though fucking hell you have no idea how much of a big deal that was for me) but the fact that the idea of having fun whilst making money whilst doing something you truly love for the first time actually came true. I'd always heard people talk about it and I had experienced a bit it in the past making music, but not like this.

It's like I was shown the light!

I felt so much joy and gratitude. I wanted to hug every student that signed up for that first course. They have no idea of how much it meant to me. They probably never will. 

Each week I asked the students what they needed to learn about on the topic of 'X'. They were my beautiful guinea pigs and I wrote the content specifically to their exact questions. That's how I knew that I was creating the perfect content for anyone wanting to get into blogging. No question was left unturned.

It all went so well that I decided to run it again in Feb. 

That course had over 120 students sign up. Wowzers!

Basically what I am trying to say is...

I had no idea this was going to be any kind of success. I honestly just thought 'I have nothing to lose'. I invested £50 in facebook ads and then every time someone bought the course I invested that money straight back into advertising. I think I 10 X'd my total advertising budget in sales in the end. I didn't know if it was going to work. I had no idea what I was doing. I just though 'fuck it' and did it.

Now hang on, I need to clear that up.

I did have some idea what I was doing. This wasn't an 'oh didn't I get lucky!' kind of thing. Because the truth is I've been in training for this my whole life. 

Since music days I had to package up myself and sell it as a product. It's not new to me.

When I do my makeup in the morning I listen to marketing podcasts.

Whilst I'm Cooking dinner I do courses on how to run successful facebook advertising campaigns. 

When I'm going to a shoot or driving Marley to nursery I listen and learn. Listen and learn. listen and learn.

I invest in courses, teaching, education, books. More money than I want to even think about. But not a penny wasted.

I've launched and failed at many business ventures. 

I could have worried about the shame of that, but I didn't. I don't. 

I blogged for upwards of two years for hardly any income in order to build an audience and a platform and to prove my credibility. 

Anyone can do any of those things if they can be bothered or if they are so inclined. Not everyone wants to take a shit listening to 'why google's new algorithm could be affecting your business' but hats off to you if you do. None of us are ever too big or too clever to learn. Even whilst dropping the kids at the pool.

Anyway, I digress. 

Now, the No Bull Blog School is a big part of my life.

It sits at one end of the spectrum of my career, with the blog in the middle and my styling and design work at the other end. 

None of them could exist without the other.

I couldn't have the blog school without running a kick-ass blog myself.

I couldn't write an amazing blog without the experiences that styling and the interior design world give me. 

I wouldn't have a lot of that design and styling work without the blog and the connections and networks it's given me.

Oh and since I started the Blog School, my readership has doubled and I'm getting more enquiries than ever. My readership DOUBLED people.



I just wanted to share this with you. I know that my career ups and downs are a huge part of this blog. Hence my business being called the 'No Bull Blog School'. I just wanted to share, no bullshit included, about how things have been going lately. I mean clearly there is a shitload more to this story and I'm happy to answer questions if you have them, thought I'd just share the brief overview for anyone who may have seen things and been wondering what the hell I was up to!

Rest assured this blog isn't going anywhere.

Otherwise it'd just be a sad little illuminati pancake.

S x

P.S if any of this has got you thinking about starting a blog, why not join my free facebook group for all things blogging. It's really cool. It is. promise.