There's no short answer to how I became a successful blogger. I had to resist using air quotations above 'successful' just then because it still feels a bit weird to say that (and surely other people should say it for you?!) but I am trying to own how hard I have worked and how far I've come rather than play it down. I seem to glide between an introverted, humble girl and grandiose Kanye style lover of myself. Never a bad thing I suppose. Anyway, I digress. There's one big thing that helped me on the way to being a successful blogger. 

2 years ago I worked in an office job.

I've talked about it before on the blog in various places but in short I hated it. Even though the office was 15 minutes from my house I still didn't get to spend any quality time with my family because I was either being made to feel bad for leaving on time (god how dare I!) or having work invade my mental space even outside of office hours. I'm a creative person and I wasn't being creatively fulfilled. I also SUCK at dealing with authority. I'm way too rebellious and quite frankly, most of the time I know better than the person in authority. There's Kanye creeping in!

After I got fired from that job (thankyou sweet baby jesus) I decided to go for the whole blogging thang full time. I had no idea if it would work out. I managed to blag a bit of freelance work but generally I was absolutely bricking it. However, I'd been growing my blog steadily throughout the time I was employed and had been having quite a lot of success with it. I was starting to get offers to go to events and take on sponsored posts with brands, which was awesome because it gave me a little bit of a side income.

Once I had the headspace to really sit back and look at my blog, I analysed all of the things I had been doing right, and what I'd been doing WRONG.

I tweaked and improved my blog every day. I also started to look at how other bloggers worked. The ones I'd seen grow really big. What did they have in common? I started meeting some of them in person and I got to ask them these questions. 

Some weren't so helpful. Unfortunately there are still people in the world who believe there is a finite amount of success that can be shared around and god help them if they even thought about sharing that with anyone else.

However, a select few were frickin' AWESOME. We would compare strategies for building traffic, creating strong brands online, growing our following on social media or sharing photography tips. Without those bloggers I'd still be a waaaay back from where I am now.

because There's only so much you can work out on your own.

I am a big believer in making mistakes and learning from them, but there's no denying that it can be a slow and frustrating process. Being able to ask questions and get feedback from someone ahead of me was an amazing learning curve. So much faster too! 

Anyway you're probably wondering what all of this has to do with you.

I recently started the No Bull Blog School because I wanted to share the same kind of expertise. Blogging is a bit of a funny world with no real guidelines. It's all a bit like 'start and work it out for yourself'. People think 'I've spent the time learning it for myself so why should I share that?'

I don't subscribe to that notion.

I'm fed up of seeing bitchy bloggers be secretive about how they built their following - as if there isn't space online for everyone! I want to share all of the strategies and advice that I have picked up along the way into one amazing resource for new and existing bloggers. No bullsh*t, just straight truths about building a successful blog. Because there's nothing more I love to see than people living what they are excited and passionate about. Alright, sorry I know that sounds cheesy but it's true :) 

Nothing makes me more sad than seeing people live a second rate life because they don't think it's possible to achieve what they really want.

Thinking that no-one wants to hear what they have to say. It's bullsh*t! The internet is an amazing place where even the strangest most unique types of people can find each other and connect. There is ALWAYS someone out there who wants to hear what you have to say. So why not start saying it?

I value people having fun being themselves and not giving a sh*t about what other people think. I get excited when people start to take risks and push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Outside of the society norms. When they rebel or challenge the status quo. 

If I can encourage more people to do that, I will. 

So if you've ever thought about blogging, or perhaps you already are but you're at the stage I was early on (making mistakes, being inconsistent, not getting the results you want) then here's something for you. 

I'm hosting a free online training session on thursday June 9th at 8pm BST.

It's about the 5 golden rules that I've discovered will either make or break your blog. I've seen people start blogs and fail time and time over and they have no idea why. It's 'cos they're not paying attention to these 5 golden rules, which I've discussed, tweaked and finalised after living it myself for two years and talking to countless other (non bitchy) successful bloggers who do this full time. 

In under 2 years I've gone from extremely bored and unhappy office worker to full time blogger by using very specific strategies which I'm sharing on this free webinar.

Want to join me? Click here to save your seat!

I hope to see you there!

Sarah x