I recently came across the new Hive 'coming home' campaign and really loved it! The campaign is all about capturing that special coming home moment. Maybe it's from travelling overseas, bringing home a loved one from hospital or something just as special. My sister just gave birth to her baby son a few days ago and if I had thought about it, this would have been the perfect thing to do for her when coming home from hospital. Sorry Annie, maybe for baby no3 yeah?!

The campaign really inspired me to think about how to create that perfect return home, and so I pulled in the expertise of my hubby who is THE best at making sure our home is perfect when we get home from trips away. In this blog we've shared our top 5 tips to creating that perfect coming home moment, oh and I musn't forget to mention that if you read to the end there's a really cool competition where you can win the ultimate coming home surprise for a loved one worth £1500 smackaroos!

Before we get into it, you should watch the ad. Confession: It actually brought tears to my eyes! Girl Power and all that...

I've shared hubby's top 3 tips and some of my own (which are definitely a lot more on the luxurious side!) so that you can create that perfect #cominghome moment!

Fresh linens

Jason says 'Swap over bedding for fresh linens before you leave. It's so nice to come home and be able to collapse into a fresh, clean bed that you know has just been washed. It just makes it that bit more enjoyable! If you want to go the extra mile, fresh towels will make it extra special.'

Sort out the kitchen

subway tiles kitchen

Jason says 'No-one wants to come back to a smelly, dirty, crumb laden kitchen! Empty out bins, load the dishwasher for a final wash and wipe down the surfaces. Empty out anything from the fridge that will go out of date whilst you're away. That way when you arrive home you'll have clean dinnerware and a fresh kitchen to walk into.'

Clear clutter

Jason says 'Clear clutter from at least the entryway of your home, so that you can come home and not be immediately greeted with clutter and mess. It's stressful. By clearing it out of sight you can feel stress free and calm when you get home.'

J is super practical but I can't deny, the littles touches like this that he does before we go away really do make the difference when we get home. I know right, he's a keeper!

Ok, so onto my more girly and luxurious tips!

Spritz your favourite room scent

Just before you walk out of the door, grab your favourite room spray and walk around your home spritzing. Pay extra attention to soft furnishing like curtains, bedding and cushions. As there won't be any movement when you're away, you'll come home to the perfectly fresh and inviting scent. Mmm!

Sidenote: I am obsessed with these Culti room sprays. They last for sooo long and you hardly need any!

Create the cosy

I love my Hive heating system because we can switch it on from the car on our way home form a night out or weekend away. Then we know that when we arrive home there won't be that initial ten minutes of shivering while we wait for the heating to kick in - it's all warm and cosy! You can read my review of the Hive heating system here if you're thinking about installing it in your home. This is the ultimate coming home luxury!

As a bonus, why not get a special selection of flowers? If you're not going to be away too long, buy a bouquet that hasn't fully opened yet, and then look forward to coming home to your bouquet in full bloom. Ahhhh, perfection. 

Now here's the extra fun bit! Hive are giving away an extremely bespoke and very special #cominghome moment worth £1500 (!!!) for someone who really deserves it. So who in your life deserves this kind of memory?

Leave your comment below telling me all about it and I'll cross all of my fingers and toes for you that you get chosen, and your loved one will receive something totally unforgettable!

S x

This post is sponsored by Hive. As usual it contains all of my own views, opinions and excitement about the product! Full Ts and Cs of the #cominghome competition can be found here.