interior design challenge book review

This Autumn you may have been glued to your TV screen as you watched to see who would be crowned the winner of the Great Interior Design Challenge - one of the best talent contest type series to hit the screens in the past few years in my opinion! The series saw amateur designers compete with a series of room makeovers. The series has been commemorated with the Great Interior Design Challenge Sourcebook, a coffee table style book that covers all of the basics and some not so basic interior design tips and tricks. So is it worth picking up?


The book cover is definitely more function over form with a simple design. Personally I would have loved to see the cover with an image of one of the best rooms from the series. Maybe they wanted to keep it more functional (after all it is a sourcebook) but there is some great imagery inside so that's a bit of a shame! That being said, it'll still look great on your bookshelves. 

(Look out for Marley's hand modelling debut, she didn't want to miss out being involved in the shoot!)


The content here is pretty top notch. I couldn't find anything that wasn't covered and it's a great mix of beginner's interior design theory and some DIY tips, like how to cover a lampshade for instance. As someone who's a bit off a GSI (get someone in) rather than DIY, it's really useful to have some easy step by step guides to follow. There were a couple of instructions I had to read a couple of times before it made sense, so it does suffer from  being written by an expert at times but in general it's pretty easy to read and get stuck in. 

There's also a handy directory at the back with a mix of retailers and indie design stores, which is really good. I even found a new places to check out!


I loved the imagery in the book, as when we saw the rooms on the TV show it was for just a few seconds. In photograph you can really start to appreciate the time, effort and detail that went into the room makeovers and I even found myself liking rooms that I previously hadn't, just because I could see them in more detail. All of the imagery apart from the illustrations are from the rooms featured in the show. The imagery works really well as sources of colour and style inspiration too. 


This is the perfect book for any interior design enthusiast. It's the perfect blend of basics and a little more advanced content and even if you already know a lot about interior design theory you can still gain a lot from checking this book out. I think of it as something that will last a bit of time, and can be referred back to every time you are thinking about doing a small DIY job or just to brush up on your theory a little. 


It originally retailed at £20, but seeing as it's now £7.99 on Amazon it's a total no brainer! It's packed full of information that will have you inspired to get started on making your home extra special straight away. 

Have you checked out the book yet? Do you think this is something you'd get for yourself or a fellow interior design enthusiast?

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*I was gifted this book to review. I will only ever give honest feedback and only share products that I think will be of value to you!*