fitting laminate flooring

Hiya! Seems like a while since I did any home renovation updates. Things have been really busy what with launching the No Bull Blog School and the new Vlog etc, so a lot of the decoration side of things was on hold a bit. Pleased to say we're back on it! First up, we've recently had a brand new laminate floor laid in our bathroom and kitchen, and I think you'll agree the transformation it's made is pretty incredible!

How it began

concrete floor

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while you'll remember screed-gate. This UTTER FAIL was when we had a screed floor laid and varnished in the hope of achieving a polished concrete type effect. However, Jason fell in it as it was setting which scuppered those plans.. Anyway, you can read all about it here if you're so inclined. I will hold back on saying anymore about it before I go into  a rage! Anyway it did actually work out for the better so I can't be too angry.

So, a year and a half later

It was finally time to sort this out. The old screed floor hadn't ever gotten varnished so it had stains all over it. 

I had some ideas about what I wanted - I knew that it was going to be black and white geometric, at first we looked at Marmoleum laid on the angle but we couldn't quite get the right size of the squares that we wanted. My brother in law Steve who is a floor fitter at South London based All Flooring UK had suggested that fitting laminate flooring might be a good way to go but I had vision of cheap looking orange wooden floor, not the black and white dream that I'd hoped of.

However when I discovered Quick-Step I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they have a huge range of colours and finishes but they had a new 'impressive' range that was also waterproof and according to Steve, really easy to fit. It combined good design and practically really well, so sounded perfect for us.

Recently I had a laminate quick-step black and white geometric floor laid in my kitchen and bathroom. The planks go on the diagonal which adds drama and makes a real statement!


Image by Megan Taylor

Image by Megan Taylor

After a bit of thinking about the design, we settled on a black and white diagonal placement, using the white planks and burned planks from the Impressive range. I was inspired by the amazing carpeted creation by the 2 Lovely Gays at their recent makeover of the Stella and Dot offices, and the fact that the look also fitted into the Art Deco style, which is really important for our flat as it has such strong Deco features. 


Here's a little look at the before... 


fitting laminate flooring

The installation took a while because of the way we had decided to lay the floor - laying on the diagonal takes a little bit more time as you need to make sure each angle is correct and there's more custom cutting. We also wanted to lay the planks in a brick pattern effect to match the tiling on the walls. However the actual laying of the planks was so easy due to the Uniloc technology which means they just slot together without any glue or anything which is pretty cool. 

You can watch a little video below of the process! 

It was fascinating to see Steve put it all down. Every accessory from Quick-Step is so well thought out, from the Unisound Underlay which is super soft and squidgy and stops any damp or extra noise, to the brass Incizo bar that we got to go across the step entrance that can be easily cut to any size using their easy cutter. It's all pretty clever to be honest and you can see why it's the floor layers fave - as Steve kept reminding me!

Anyway you're probably all wanting to see final pics now right? Well here you go!


I'm so incredibly pleased with it! I can't stop staring!

It looks really high end, the planks feel great under foot and everyone I tell that it's laminate doesn't believe me. 

If you're interested in doing some flooring in your home I'd really recommend checking out Quickstep and using All Flooring UK for your fitting if you're South London based.

All we need to do now is rip the kitchen units out and get new ones... it never ends does it?! Oh and we're painting the bathroom and giving it a little makeover too, so stay tuned for that. 

Has this post helped to change your mind about laminate flooring? 

S x

*Thankyou to Select First PR and quickstep who kindly supplied the materials for this floor makeover.*