Right peeps, been a little while since I shared any makeover stuff so here goes. We're giving our living room a do-over! It was never really 'done' per se, it was an evolution of bits and bobs from when we moved in. Painted this and that, got a new sofa, a few odd bits... but nothing was really planned. So it was time to change all that. Plus, my style has evolved quite a big since the Abigail Ahern inspired dark days of 4 years ago. Now I want something brighter and more POP as this has where my style has gotten to at present. 

Here's what it looks like now... 

and here's the sorta vibe we're going for...

Still eclectic, but with lighter walls and a few more pops of vivid colour, a la Jonathan Adler. 

Our eclectic living room makeover
Our eclectic living room makeover

Here's the moodboard!

Our eclectic living room makeover

So to dissect this moodboard a little...


After much deliberation, the wallpaper! I nearly decided to get rid of it but when I thought about tearing it off I literally almost cried. I think it was a sign to not just get rid of stuff for the sake of things being 'new' but to practice what I preach and if you love something, keep it. 

The dining chairs are of course staying, they're so fab! But they'll be having a new upholstery job thanks to Vintique Upholstery and Kirkby Fabrics... Stay tuned for that!

Lighting - we love the little deco style vintage wall lights we have so they're not going anywhere. 

Sideboards and dining table - all charity shop finds and such great pieces that work perfectly in the space. 

Armchair - another vintage find and the first real piece of furniture I bought with a blogging paycheck. Too sentimental for me to get rid of! 

Accessories - some of the accessories in here will be staying, side tables, lamps and things like that. But I'll also be mixing that up with some new bits too! 

Curtains - not sure! 


As you can see from the images above we have been trialling some paint colours! We finally decided to go for Crown Paints Pencil Point, a proper mid grey that looks quite light in the daytime and gets warm and cosy at night. We also chose Crown Paints Chatterbox for the ceiling... yes that's right we are doing a pink ceiling! We have horrible artex stuff that we haven't gotten round to getting rid of just yet, so we thought why not make it fun?! I did a pink ceiling in Marley's room and we loved the results, so if it's broke don't fix it ey!



We decided to go for the EDEN sofa in medium in Omega II Italian velvet in the colour Azure from Sofa Workshop. This is the style of sofa but the colour will be different. 

Our eclectic living room makeover


Instead of the bulky bookshelves we had previously we will be getting a string shelving system which will show off our collection of books (though it will be heavily edited as it's a fraction of the size)! We also want some of the slanted shelves for cool coffee table books and magazines. 

Our eclectic living room makeover


Our eclectic living room makeover

We'll be installing a brand new Brinton's Majestic carpet. It has a really tight pile and almost velvet like appearance. It's super high quality so should last us at least ten years! I'm looking forward to the high end luxury look and feel. 



Stay tuned to see how we get on, we've been making good progress so I'll have the reveal up within the next month or so. There will be some surprises in there too!

S x