create your own artwork

Yo! If you're anything like me then art makes up a big part of your home. Alongside all of the up and coming artists that I love to invest in, it's also fun to create your own abstract pieces. You can see I did one a few months back which was inspired by Franz Klein. 

You may have seen I've been doing a series of videos with Swiftcover, and here's another in the series where I'm showing you how you can create a two tone metallic canvas in just a few minutes (well, allow a bit of drying time too!)

Here are the easy steps

diy artwork canvas

And here it is next to MOO COW in my living room! 

diy canvas art

Is this something you reckon you'd have a go at? I'm like, the least DIY person ever so if I can do it you definitely can! 

S x

*This post is in collaboration with Swiftcover*