I have some really exciting news... I"m finally getting my own office / studio space! A few weeks ago I was at my mum's house and it suddenly dawned on us that as my little brother had moved out she had a good sized room that was pretty much empty. Much to my joy she accepted my proposal of me turning it into a space I can use to work in day to day and most importantly she said YES to me completely giving it a makeover!


In my latest blog post I am showing some decor ideas for a lavender inspired office or work space.


The room is currently painted a deep dark green which is absolutely beautiful but not conducive to a productive working environment. The lighting situation is a mess, one overhead that currently has a horrid light fitting and some nasty yellow energy saving bulbs (I mean, yay for energy saving but hell no to that orange glow). The floors are simple wood in a colour that I can live with. It has one window at the back of the room. There will probably only be 2 of us working at a time in here so should be a comfortable fit. 


In my latest blog post I am showing some decor ideas for a lavender inspired office or work space.

I have to be honest and say I haven't seen anything that's particularly inspired me for this room, I just knew I wanted to take lavender which is so cool in fashion and hair colour at the moment and make it relevant in interiors again. I think everyone is so on the blush pink hype right now (me included by the way - I don't judge) so it felt like a bit of a challenge to not go the expected route and instead switch it up a bit. Lavender is a hard colour to make look cool and not sickly so I had a job on my hands. 


In my latest blog post I am showing some decor ideas for a lavender inspired office or work space.


I wanted to toughen up the Lavender paint (2) (which will either be Heather Bloom 4, Purple Polka 4 or Purple Sage 4) so went for black metal framed furniture rather than going to my all-too-comfortable brass. Alongside the lavender walls I want to do a feature wall (gasp!) with Feathr's Machair wallpaper in Ink Drops (3).


The table I chose is from Habitat (7) and as it has a glass top allows the room to remain feeling open - it's a smallish space so I don't want to clutter it with a giant big table.

I picked some grey upholstered office chairs (6), also from Habitat that will move around the floor easily and are a bit nicer than traditional office chairs with their upholstered finish. 

We still need to work out a storage unit for the wall with the door, so I am keeping my eyes out for suitable options. If you see any black metal framed bookcases send them my way!


Lighting wise I'll be replacing the overhead light with this three armed piece from (4) that I actually bought for my daughter's bedroom a year ago and the drop on it was too low. Hopefully it'll work in here! Alongside that I'll be using a Rafi lamp from Habitat which has a super small footprint, ideal for small spaces, and one of their cute Porcini lamps (5).

Window Treatment

Gahhh still haven't worked this out. I am thinking a blind might be the best option. I don't really need fancy curtains for an office and blinds may actually work better. Stay tuned on that one.. 


I really love the Lehariya Blues rug from Floor Story (8) and think the sharp geometrics create a really nice tension between the ink blot wallpaper... however, annoyingly I don't think a rug will work in the room as we have wheely chairs. SADNESS!

I've also got some cool brass office accessories coming from Habitat (of course the brass was going to creep in there somehow) and I'm also going to get a custom neon sign (1) for the feature wall. What'll it be? That's a surprise!

This should all be coming together pretty quickly so stay tuned for updates. Such an exciting next step!

S x