Wassup peeps! Here in the UK we've just had our clocks go back as it's now officially the end of British Summer Time. Joy (not). With the colder, darker nights and mornings it can be a real pain in the butt to get out of bed. With that in mind, I was so excited to be asked by Philips if I'd like to try out the Hue Lighting System at home, as it has some very futuristic options to create the perfect mood lighting that can be controlled from your phone and even wake you up naturally with light. Kiss my ass winter!


Essentially, Philips Hue is a clever lighting system that allows you to control the light in your home, via your phone or iPad. But, much more than this, it can allow you to set the perfect light for lots of different activities and tasks. So, for example, if you need to concentrate or relax, you can tune the light to enhance the experience.

Philips Hue has a variety of bulb options, either the full colour range spectrum, white ambience which can be made to be as warm or cool of a white light as you like, and straight up white that can be dimmed automatically. 

You'll need the starter pack to get it all up and running - that includes the bridge (little white box with the button!) that connects to your modern and makes it all work wirelessly. 

They also offer LED lightstrips that can be changed to any colour. And when I say any colour I mean it - 16 million, so the possibilities are really endless, especially when you factor in that each light can be controlled individually to create bespoke 'scenes' or moods.



Using the app means you can set the lights to wake you up naturally AND third party sites such as the fabulous IFTTT allow you to do clever things like connect the system to your bus timetable or location services. Imagine getting a light flash when you have an important email come through, or your bus is 5 mins away? It's all possible. IT'S SO THE FUTURE PEOPLE! 

As standard you can also wirelessly control light levels and colour through the Philips Hue app. This is also great for safety, as when you're away you can have the lights go on and off to deter any naughty people!

So as you can see it's all pretty exciting!

Here's what we're planning to do with our Philips Hue system...

I love the idea of waking up with light. I realised once the darker mornings came how hard I find it to start the day like that. I've definitely been more moody and tired so will be interesting to see how this works. This will mean some kind of lightstrip around or behind the bed and a lamp in the bedroom or near to my sleepy head.

In the living room we will replace our standard LED strips behind the TV with these ones and enjoy the full colour spectrum! I think they'll be awesome for watching movies. You can also set your lights to change colour or dim to remind you that it's time for bed which we definitely need.

I spend far too many late nights working so I will be setting this to change colours to remind me that it's time to put the laptop away! 

In Marley's room we will replace her standard lamp bulb for a coloured one, allowing her to change the colour as she likes - that'll be fun!

In the hallway we will replace the globe light fittings and the lamp with the white ambience bulbs, so that we can control the colour temperature and the brightness with the Hue app. 

Check out what else you can do with the Hue Lighting System by taking a look at their website!

I'm really excited to pin hubby down for a day of installing the lights - we're going to make a little video about how it looks and share our experience so stay tuned for that over the coming days!

Have you ever tried any lighting systems in your home?

S x

*this post is in collaboration with Philips who also kindly gifted me the hue system - I'm a lucky lady!*